Virgin travel Insurance - Be Careful!!

Recently booked a flight with Virgin - was not pleased to find that their insurance is now an OPT-OUT, not an opt-in! They automatically charge you the insurance, and not many people realise this. So I suppose they are hoping you won't pick it up. I had to ring and say to cancel it.

Also - flight insurance is just a waste of money. The times I have had flight insurance? - I missed a flight because my courier pick-up broke down, and didn't get to the airport in time. Also missed connection flight. Insurance didn't cover that. Another time, had to go interstate for a court case - case was delayed, went longer than anticipated, insurance would not cover a change to a later date/time. Another time luggage got lost - included an expensive pair of riding boots I had specially made. Had receipt in my hand bag, but insurance would not cover it. Like any insurance, you have to fight and fight, but I have to really wonder what they do cover. Very little it seems.


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