Victorian Premier slams tennis great\'s Australia Day honour

Controversial tennis great Margaret Court is set to receive an Australia Day honour and Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is less than impressed with the decision.

Ms Court regularly expresses homophobic opinions and at a press conference on Friday Mr Andrews said her views towards the LGBTI community were harmful and cost lives.

"I don't believe that she has views that accord with the vast majority of people across our nation, that see people, particularly from the LGBTIQ community, as equal, and deserving of dignity, respect and safety," Mr Andrews said.

"I'm quite sick of talking about that person every summer. We finish up having this discussion in one form or another every single summer. I would prefer not to be giving oxygen to some of these views.

"I don’t give out those gongs, that’s not a matter for me, that’s for others, you might want to speak to them about why they think those views, which are disgraceful, hurtful, and cost lives, should be honoured."

Do you think Margaret Court deserves an Australia Day honour? Should her name be stripped from the arena at Melbourne Park for her divisive views?


I don't necessarily agree with what Margaret Court has said but as Voltaire said so many years ago: "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." To deny this honour is to deny free speech. Mrs Court has an unparalleled record in tennis, she retired from tennis in 1973 and her record of 48 singles titles still stands today. The Melbourne Park arena is named in her honour because of her tennis ability and regardless of what people say her record remains. Politicians by their very nature will do and say anything that will get them headlines and they usually pander to the vocal minority so I don't pay much attention to their comments. We haven't been told the full story as to the reason for the latest honour so I suggest we wait and see what she is being honoured for.

Quote from Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun:

The church she founded in Perth was giving 1500 poor families food parcels each fortnight until the coronavirus hit.

Now it helps 4000, with milk, cereal, chicken, beef, vegetables and dry food like rice or pasta. It also hands out free clothes.

This should cover an Australia Day Honour

The vocal 'minority' may be larger than you think. Same with the Invasion Day minority. Give it a few more years and you'll discover that you are actually part of the minority.

Once again Andrews shows himself up and confirms just how shallow and ineffective he is.

Margaret Court , while I may disagree with her views has and will always be a worthy Australian long after Mr. Andrews is exposed for the bully he is..He will soon fade into obscurity and irrelevance which is where he belongs.

Once again we have an example of the WOKE dummies demanding tolerance and acceptance but only as long as you agree with them. Disagree and out come the cancel culture and rabid bullying.

Ms Court is fully entitled to her beliefs and she is fully entitled to state them; and as a minister of the church, these are bound to differ from the WOKE brigade who want to rewrite everything they disagree with.

Perhaps the WOKE need to take a good hard look in the mirror. The Trans-woman doctor who says she will return her honour is entitled to do so if that's what she wants to do. She is NOT entitled to dictate to anyone else what they should think not is she entitled to demand who is awarded an Australia Day honour and who is not.

And as for Mr Andrews: "“I’m quite sick of talking about that person every summer. We finish up having this discussion in one form or another every single summer. I would prefer not to be giving oxygen to some of these views" I agree so can everyone also shut up about changing the flag, changing the national anthem, Survivor/Invasion Day and other ridiculous demands that also are raised at the same time EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR>!

Margaret Courts Church is still helping many poor, sick and needy people each and every week.

Daniel Andrews is only concerned for the number of alphabet community votes he will get at the next election. After single-handedly destroying Victoria, he has the nerve to criticise someone who brought honour to Australia and who is actually helping her fellow countrymen and women. He is below contempt.

Disappointed to read in your article your judgement that Margaret Court "regularly expresses homophobic opinions". Since when does disagreeing with someone else's opinion, count as "homophobic"? If she was saying she hated a certain group, then that assessment would be correct. But she doesn't hate them, she merely disagrees with their particular point of view about their lifestyle. And she is on record as saying that her church reaches out to help all people, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual preferences, or anything else. Maybe Ben is using a different dictionary from mine?

I am disgusted by noisy minorities and special interest groups/activists trying to suppress free speech and opinions other than theirs.

They are comparable to rust and corrosion working to eat away at our freedoms and rights.

It seems that they want to suppress anything that differs from their mantra.

And if you look at what most come out with - they are more like what they are criticising than their target.

( ) space for suitable descriptive adjectives describing these ID10T's.

At last we have the reason for the latest honour for Margaret Court; her charitable work, nothing to do with tennis. The church she founded has been giving out meals to about 1,500 people per week until COVID hit and now her church gives out about 4,000 free meals per week to those less fortunate, regardless of race, colour, creed or sexual orientation. Will those politicians who mouthed off apologise? Don't stand on one leg, waiting.


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