Hi, all you cooks out there.

Decided to have a change from cream on my pavlova this Xmas and bought a tup of Philadelphia "Cream for Desserts". Think I paid $4 for it from Coles.

Very impressed.   Bought a Coles pavlova (always great) covered it with this Cream for Desserts and then covered that with a mix of strawberries, nectarines, cherries etc.  Dished it up to hubby and he really loved it.  I also gave him a serve of icecream with it.

It is 50% lower in fat than double cream and to be honest I thought it was nicer.





Still sounds sinful - so it must be good


Add both to my shopping list for family get together next week, a nice big Pavlova, fruit & ice cream  sounds perfect for hot weather.

good on you girls..let me know what you think once you try it.  I am on the wagon now  LOL

I can hear the floor boards creaking and groaning from the weight.

At your age, Davey.....the "creaking and groaning" may well be coming from knees and ankles. Who cares if our ladies put on a kilo or two......having survived this long, we all deserve a little self indulgence now and then. My aim in life was always to give my pall-bearers a hernia.

I'm almost 70 and my aim is to keep on enjoying the sins of the flesh until I'm 100.

3 times a week at my age with no creaks but many moans is good for the soul.

Be very careful as you could easily go blind.

My wife is 20 years my junior Lord Grumble or is it really gumball.


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