Use by dates

I have always been fascinated by use by dates, on long lasting food products, but my wife has just come across a classic.
The Product Label on a packet of rock salt purchased in 2001 said ''This rock salt is over 200 million years old. Formed through geological processes in the German Mountain Ranges. Best before 04, 2003''


Love it Innes, thanks for that. It actuallty beats the advice on my hair dryer - do not use near water?

Fantastic, Pommy and Innes.


Yes a lot of use by dates are really over the top.

Dont have any yarns of my own, but many thanks for the laugh.

Then, there are the packets of peanuts, handed to people on long distant flights, WARNING - These nuts may contain traces of peanuts?? My son has a packet.

ROFLMAO - Gosh, I needed that laugh after reading all the posts about the Pension Increase etc. Thanks for making my day Innes, Pommy and BevG. We all need a laugh a day in this crazy world. I've seen some doozies myself but can't recall them right now. C-Nile Virus I guess (Grin).


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