Unique Christmas Trees

From Namibia



How the dickens did the goats get up that tree -- seen them on the dam and on rock faces but the tree!

Like the goats not so sure about the shoes?

That was from our trip Darwin to Adelaide in earlier this year when we came across the the boot tree in the Pimba Region.

Nothing as exciting as the goats - makes you wonder how they get up there, let alone how they get down.

Goats are incredible the way they can climb almost sheer rock faces, there was a picture of them on a sheer dam face.

vivity - I saw that pic. of the goats on the dam face - could hardly believe it!  It was so amazing!  What an incredible sense of balance they must have - but I had to wonder - why did they climb so high and why go there of all places?

There's a 'nickers' tree on the Nullabor, has been there for years.... collecting quite a few pairs of undies too..... There's another boot tree on the Oodnadatta track..... they are all over the place......

Foxy apparently after essential minerals and salts.

Goats filmed climbing a near vertical brick dam wall to lick the stone ...www.dailytelegraph.com.au/.../goats...dam.../story-fni0cx4q-12267411921... Oct 16, 2013 - THE term 'climb like a mountain goat' takes on new meaning after viewing this amazing video from Italy.

ohh really - wow- thanks for the link....appreciated

Deanne :)

Thanks for the advice

I found a nicker's tree and other decorated tree on the internet