Unemployment Benefits

There was an interesting article in the Times yesterday that suggests that the benefits system in the UK has produced generations of men who don't work and have no wife or family. Here is just a snipet:

[i]Overlooked by society, irrelevant to employers, unwanted by women who can raise families on benefits without their help, the man who has no work or a series of short-term jobs is a problem. Without steady work, he will struggle to acquire a family: unemployed men are less likely to marry or cohabit than employed ones. Without a stable relationship, he is less likely to grow into a good family man and raise good sons. The taxpayer has become the father: one in four mothers is single and more than half live on welfare. A lot of these women describe the real fathers of their children as “useless” or worse. The men have no role.

In the worst cases, the State has helped to create a class of jobless serial boyfriends who prey on single mothers on benefits. When two of these men moved into the flat that Haringey Council had generously provided for Tracey Connelly, Baby P’s mother, the little boy’s fate was sealed. They killed him. Other such men appear in bit parts in tragedies such as that of Shannon Matthews, abducted and drugged by her own “family”. The welfare system has helped to deprive these children of the most effective check on abuse — the family.[/i]
Do you think we have a problem here too?



Yes Toot I do think we have a big problem here too--there are many that just don't want work--and we see them at the surf all the time--some 30 and more never worked--and some have the occasonal job but never last--as they want to start at the top--they never get a good work ethic at all.


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