understanding boat or plane people

I + we all are lead to believe that Liberals stopped the boat people from arriving. Yes they did and now they arrive on planes. So where is the problem? with the Labour or Liberals? No it is that Aussies are far too laid back, and want to believe that all these arrivals leave a bad situation.  I think a lot of these people are not who or what we are led to believe. We should be more dilegent with who we give rights to.



Migrants have always been coming by plane. There were 200,000 came in during Labors last 2 terms, when the people smugglers had jobs in our Imigration department. One is now serving time in gaol and another fled. Captain Emad was working in Canberra as a trolley collector, under the nose of Chris Bowen, whom he described as an informant. Four Corners revealed at the time that 6 people smuggler agents came into Australia as genuine asylum seekers, all of them issued with permanent residency visas by Chris Bowen's department .

68,000 have been refused entry at our airports during this government's 2 terms?

The difference is when you travel by plane you have documents/visas. The migrants who come by water in the dead of night have no identification and often refuse to provide any evidence of their previous lives. 

And another consideration, nobody really knows how many ISIS fighters there are left in Baghouz, possibly as many as  4,000. When the CIA tried to do a head count a couple of years ago that figure was around 50,000. The Turkish official figure was 200,000. Captured ISIS fighters put the number at between 40,000 to 60,000. We know around 250 left Australia to fight and around 100 have returned. Do the math yourself.

Giving permanent residency to migrants on the basis of them having thoughts of suicide doesnt sound logical to me?

For once I totally agree, all you have to do is quote the regulation or law that states " anyone who has suicidle thoughts will be given permanent residency" and youv'e got me.

I just won't be holding my breath.


Asylum seekers do not break any Australian laws simply by arriving on boats.

Some arriving by air can have and do have forged documents and visas.


Easy to prove Lothario, just quote the laws that these people have been charged with and the sentance they were given.  Let's see who is talking garbage.  Time to put up or shut up.

Don't bother looking for the government propaganda pamphlet that will prove your case, there isn't one.

As they are arriving by plane there should be no problem, after all the government only set up the camps to stop people from drowning, not many people drown on planes.

Nearly 10,000 more asylum seekers arrived by plane that during the peak years under the Rudd-Gillard giver in 2012-13.

in addition there are 10s of thousands who overstay visas and remain illegally in the country.

STOP THE PLANES you xenophobic government!

10,000 more last year


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