U-Comms..a polling company


apparently the reporter had to "dig deep" to find this information that the unions were involved.  was on ABC news today


The major problem being that Sally McManus, the Secretary of the  ACTU, the CFMMEU and others did not declare their interests to those who used the services of the political polling company.  Or at least that is what its clients say. 

Interesting coincidence who just happened to be U-Comms clients though. 

Of course, if the clients were aware, that means that they along with McManus et al were all involved in duping the public.  The clients included such notables as, GetUp!, Greenpeace, The Sydney Morning Heradl and The Age newspapers (which affects many more who lift their stories from them).


Cover up, after cover up. I say throw them to the dingoes.

CFMEU accused of covering up Multiplex safety incident



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