Two's a Crowd travel

Hi. Has anyone used this company? It's an agency for singles travel. Or any other recommendations for single travellers. 


Great idea for a thread, Angela. I hate to travel alone, but the "single supplement" on most holidays makes it financially unattractive. I will watch with interest any response but alas, I have nothing to offer personally.

I have not heard of it -- will be interested to follow the thread

This company says no single supplement and have some great looking trips

Ange, please tell, what is the name & phone number of the Company that you are advertising?

Two's a Crowd ...a tour company just for solo travellers

There is some reviews on thei Facebook page

Sorry Abby, I didn't realise that the topic was actually the Company advertised.  Stupid of me.  I hope Barak doesn't spot my error.

Must get in touch with a friend of mine who was looking at them a couple of years back .... but do not know whether she went with them or not ??

Not advertising them . Just wondering about using them for a holiday.

Don't know anything about this travel agency, but have recently returned from the Hawaiian islands.

I went with family, but we met many ladies on their own. Seems quite a safe holiday destination for women. to go to Honolulu...have read about a popular little hotel ...on tripadvisor...think it was called Verve?  

Radish, Verve is a chain of hotels in various countries. Have never stayed in one, but I'm sure it's fine, we stayed in Trump Hawaii excellent and worth forking out but it was for only two nights! Take a trip to Maui and Oahu, beautiful especially if you surf!

I was interested in one advertised to Persia though Middle East a bit uneasy at the moment


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