Let us know what you like to watch and why and when


Just watching a Billy Connelly doco ... sad he had to retire due to Parkinson's ... he has given me many laughs over the years, particularly his latter ones.

Yes I watched all the recent docos, he is handling it well though, sad way for a talented and energetic man to see his days out when he has given so much to people worldwide.

I also enjoyed Billy Connelly and his humor --VERY clever and saw him in a few movies also one was with that wonderful woman actress and also the Man who sued God - he is also a wonderful actor

i also love BILLY CONNELLY,    if you cant laugh with him,  you have no sense of humour,  i have been lucky enough to see two of his live concerts,  pure magic,   just shows,   these horrid diseases do not discriminate,      it is very sad to see a great mind like his go down,    

Yes have seen some of that, could not watch it all, heartbreaking. But for me I feel the same about any animal.

I tried also to watch, couldn't . It is so sad that poor animals are treated like that.

Well thanks for having a go at least, HOLA - something HAS to be done about such

Recently, I have limited watching news and 'serious' documentaries. After all the COVID-19 saturation and 'bad news' docos re climate change, the human condition, various disasters, domestic violence, civil uprisings, etc. etc ... too depressing, I'm escaping into the realm of pre-virus home shows and British who-dunnits/detective shows.

I have stopped watching the news, and many other shows I used to watch, just going over the same BS lies and fear mongering. Better things to watch. Watching something inspiring, funny and interesting is better for you. No wonder so many people are on anti-depressants in the world. Better still turn the TV off and do something creative and listen to some music.


I know things are rather sad and depressing but IMO people should be aware of what is happening to such wonderful wildlife ect.


Fair enough PlanB ... I am well aware of the ongoing of the ongoing degradation of our planet and I have been promoting our wonderful planet and wildlife for years both on my websites and by donating to many wildlife causes... BUT ... just for now I need a break.

Yes I know RnR and I wish you well

Yes I know RnR and I wish you well

Many thanks PlanB ... and you too, trying times at the moment.

I get it.  I'm doing much the same thing.  I'm revisiting old shows and movies on catch-up TV, most of them totally forgettable, but discovering some gems I missed along the way. 

We get our fill of the other heavier stuff without going looking for it, it is mostly unavoidable as much as we might like to avoid it.

Agreed PlanB, also people in third-world countries with diseases and malnutrition, affected for life and early death while a multitude of wealthy people plan their after-Covid champagne party on their superyacht.

So what's wrong with that. Another look over there bit of hogwash from our UK banned for life big mouth?

If you had learned how to write correctly in English, a difference in spelling and meaning occurs with the words 'there' and 'their'.
Even worse is your discombobulated, weird sentence, that is created by you being a gang member of the LGBT Queer organization.

I watched New South Wales thrash the Queensland Team for the State of Origin match. I sat all by myself and cheered every try and goal. We killed them, also killed them in the first match - looking very forward to the final which might be played in Newcastle in a couple of weeks. 

                                                    GO  THE BLUES 

Loved the Durrells on ABC...a really good series which I watched on iview. Was surprised to learn it is based on a real British family moving to Crete for a cheaper and interesting lifestyle.

Highly recommended PB.

Sophie, Just went into the ABC IView and they have changed the terms etc -- not want private info on you -- I hate it when you have to agree to all these terms and conditions --you have to be a barrister to understand them all.


the T,V, shows have been very sorely wanting ,  over the last few months,   i suspect they know we are home,  so have no choice but to watch their rubbish,   i normaly only watch JUDGE JUDY,   if im home,   then nothing until JEOPARDY,  at 7,0 clock,  then 'out of 10 cats,     E BAY are making a fortune out of me,  as ive been buying up on dvds,    we have literaly 100s here now,   but ive been getting the boxed sets of all the shows i was GOING to watch,  but didnt,   so ive caught up with the SOPRANOS,     [not bad]     and BOSTON LEGAL,    [great]     plus heaps of music dvds,  . 


I borrow DVD's from the local library Catsahoy, saves spending a lot of money. I can look for them online and order them ready to be picked up. And if they don't have them you can put in a purchase request too.


HI incognito,   i do have a library lady,   who brings me books every two weeks,    and she will get any i request,   but there is usually a long wait,   and ive found a lot of the dvds are so worn , they stick,  and i spend hours trying to get them playing,    putting cleaning heads through,  e,t,c,    i did get the audio books of THE HANDMIDENS TALE,   from there,  i enjoyed that,  [have read the book,  as well, ]    i dont mind getting the ones i want,   as hubby is a tv fanatic,   he watches them all,  so buying them is ok for him,  i rarely watch tv during the day,  sooner listen to my music,    

I know what you mean about the worn out library DVD's, I always tell the library so they either fix it or replace, too many people don't do it and they don't know they are in bad condition.

I have been watching the David Attenborough shows they have been great EXCEPT, for the darn music that drowns out his voice, that is the main thing in the show.

Been some interesting 4 Corners on as well

PlanB - I'll certainly be following this tonight with great interest.

I watched her Hola and for a solicitor, she sure did not speak very well and ummed and ahed  a lot --

Who Do You Think You Are. SBS Tuesday night @ 7:30pm. Love that show. I think as we age gracefully this kind of show reach out to us. We know where we're going and where we've been...its where we've come from is the mystery :)


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