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I always watch the Insiders David Speers Host Sunday mornings 8-30am ABC News 24, interesting to know what is going on politically. Also again ABC NEWS 24, Afternoon Briefing with Patricia Karvelas, such a wonderful Host to watch, and interesting guests as well.

I too used the enjoy the Insiders but unfortunately all the 'guests' seem to be leftys these days.  Really hit the bottom of the barrel a couple of weeks ago by having Waleed Ali on.

I have an eclectic taste in TV viewing ranging from all Quiz type shows, many crime shows like NCIS, CSI, Blue Bloods

and The Coroner plus enjoy Songs of Praise on Sunday followed by Landline.

Midsomer Murders, Call the Midwife, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Vera, George Gently, love crime shows, Graham Norton, old comedies, "Are you being served" is a favourite, The Chase, (mainly with no sound) 



Lucifer, The Rookie, Midsomer murders, Death in Paradise, Pointless, Jeopardy, Murdoch Mysteries.   for news I listen to the radio 5AA and Leon Byner in the morning for current events and political comments.


I myself watch:  actually I record everything and watch at my leisure.

David Speers/Landline/Gardening Aust/afternoon briefing/4 Corners/Media watch/Anh's brush with fame/ Insight/7.30report/current affairs/Emergency / any documentaries --- 

I used to watch Gardening Aust but that has gone to the dogs and has too many posers on it now also The living room but that too has become childish and that Michell drives me mad

The best are most British programmes and shows on BritBox UK, BritBox USA, BritBox Australia, (a miniature UK version) BBC, ITV , Foxtel, selective Netflix, some USA Crime and Drama and various interesting documentaries.
ABC Backroads and Landline, political clap-trap is a waste of electricity, the same with Australian D-grade sitcoms, and other advertised (not worth it) movies, series and specials.
A waste of time also is anything called 'footy' when players use their hands to catch a leather spheroid, and boring cricket is a definite no-no.
No TV watching during the day, part-time computer research and study and other activities/several hobbies.

I only have free to air TV and 2 recorders of which I can record 4 programs at a time -- I always have heaps to watch --I am with you re the sport -- that is something I always fast forward if it comes on at any time

Plan B how do you record 4 programs at one time? What is the system you are using please?

Hi Incognito,  I have 2 recorders that record 2 programs at a time one in the lounge and one in the bedroom (Panasonic)  but you can get one that records 3 at a time now cost $899, and the one that records 2 is $599

Panasonic contact is 132600


Thanks PlanB, I did some research awhile back and Panasonic did not have a very good reputation, and yes they are very expensive. I currently use old set top boxes because I don't have it in built in my TV's, I record using USBs, they are getting old and would love to upgrade.

I have had my Panasonic for years -- I never watch anything live -- so as I can fast forward any adds or sport --

Maybe it is the more recent models then PlanB, sometimes quality goes down over the years. Just from what I read about the latest models,

Maybe Incognito, I would be interested in reading that, where did you see it -- just in case mine dies

Productreview, google it. 

OK Incognito -- I am on that one as well

I enjoy British murder mysteries and watch a lot of them including Poirot, Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders, Inspector George Gently, Inspector Morse, Endeavour, A Touch of Frost, Blue Murder, The Coroner, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness and Prime Suspect. Also Canada's Murdoch Mysteries and old re-runs of Murder She Wrote. In addition, I really enjoy shows like Anh's Brush with Fame, Landline, ABC Backroads and various home reno shows like Selling Houses Austraiia and Love It or List It.

Oh, boy RnR how I used to love Silent witness but sadly it has finished now???

PlanB, Silent Witness, is on Australian BritBox, ry it free for a week, other British goodies too.
$2.80 per week.

I think I have to have a box or such for that Mak?

I have seen all of the programs on Silent Witness and they are not making any more sadly it was a great show and so real

Maybe not finished yet. According to The Radio Times, Fans will have to wait "a little while longer than usual" to see the BBC One crime drama – but it's on its way!

Thank you so much Jimy, I had no idea Silent Witness was on the way back -- sadly without 2 of the best but I will be watching out for it thanks again.

Kravitz's comment has received more than 1,360 likes while her Instagram post overall has received more than 396,840 likes as of Sunday evening.


top business directory

Who the hell is Kravitz?

PlanB, you don't need a box, download from the Internet to your computer or Tablet if you have one, or a mobile 'phone.
Some 'smart TV's will download BritBox.

I have a laptop but not a Smart TV -- and I don't use my phone for that sort of thing as I like to have a bigger screen -- thanks Mak I will have a look

PlanB, check on the rear of your TV for a 1.5 cm long slot with a HDMI name above or below, with this slot a device called a Chromecast can transfer pics, TV shows from the Tablet to the TV.
The device is purchased from Harvey, JB Hi-Fi, Good Guys, Officeworks, some Kmart stores etc; or on-line, cost about $55.00, it plugs in to the HDMI slot, and connect to a power point.

Thank you Mak, very kind of you,  I will check my TV and see if it has that,                                                  

(I have had it for quite a few years now)

Is this the new TV thread, what happened to Reality TV thread?

Just finished watching Celebrity Apprentice, I was reluctant to watch it at first but turned out to be quite good, great to see how they were so creative and winning money for charity.


What is the 'thread' of which you wrote, and if you are referring to my information which I gave to PlanB to assist in watching A-grade British TV programmes in preference to the Australian TV D-grade garbage, then it belongs in the heading, "What Are You Watching On TV" and does not require your smart-a**se comment, plus itis none of your damn business. 

After seeing a few minutes of Celebrity Apprentice the head honcho is a ham actor and the programme is a pathetic copy of the American version, both of which are a waste of electricity.



The Reality TV thread Incognito is referring to is an older topic posted by long-time member Foxy that was very popular a while ago. See ...

Mak, how rude, I was not making any comment, it was a question, you are in a bad mood today.

Thanks RnR for clearing it up for Mad Mak.

Incognito I was looking for the other one that our old friend Foxy started and it was a good one but couldn't find it,  sorry -- however, I note that RnR has found it, and if you or anyone else wants to join mine up with Foxy's that's fine.


I wish Foxy would come back.



I miss Foxy too, but think she got sick of the trolling. Always made me laugh.



No Foxy got sick to death of the trouble they had getting the forums back on as they took months to get sorted out I almost left myself

Foxy, no  come back. Fooled ya'll good and proper, LOLOL she is across the pond, ditch or swamp in Canada. 

Thank you RnR,
So why is it mentioned if the Reality TV segment belongs in the YLC history book.
C'est la vie, it indicated that it may have been misconstrued TechTalk under an incorrect heading, I atone my comment to Incognito immediately if the person wasn't incognito.

Incognito, why do you believe in a Panasonic review, people are like pebbles on a beach, different sizes different colours and situated in different places, although people also have different likes and dislikes.
Reviews are created by different manufacturers to negate the manufacturers of similar products, and if to log on to the Internet, not 'google it' (fools use Google because they must like being tracked with every move they make}
All televisions have generic internal components made in different Asian countries, so they are all the same design except for the brand name sticker on the outside of the product.
A TV recorder (PVR) may have a Sony, Panasonic or other label on the outside but the hard drive inside will be made by Toshiba.

I use DuckDuckGo, and I also read Tech reviews when I am wanting to buy something but yes overall it is really hard to know what to believe, only people who have problems with the products you buy complain. So what do you do, just buy a cheap one and hope it lasts? Hard to spend a lot of money when you don't have much. Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks.

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