Tummy wobbles

On a tour last year through Europe, I had at times , quite severe diaharrea. Luckily, I was given some anti diaharrea tablets, but the whole experience caused some very anxious moments ,as on a bus it is not always easy to stop ( was a toilet on board,for emergencies only, and any smells easily spread thru the bus).I didn't really relax and enjoy the scenery, and decided this would be my last tour . The travel bug has hit again, how do other travellers cope with this basic problem?



We've never had a problem and the only advice I can give would be to steer clear of salads and any other uncooked foods. Don't drink the tap water.


Here is the site of Web MD with their advice.


They say have no ice, and maybe boil your own water and only eat cooked foods.

Alcohol is OK to drink too.  Lots of places for advice and information.



Although tempting, avoid buffets with plates of cold meats, soft  cheeses, and opened mayo (a breeding ground for bacteria).




I purchased a bottle of this from my chemist ages ago and it actually works.

It is called "One Drop" Deodorizer.

When you go in to use the loo put ONE DROP in the toilet bowl prior to using the toilet, then flush, and wallah, no odour left behind.

Carry it in my handbag all the time as you never know when you might get caught short and have to use a public toilet.  A very small bottle takes up no room.

Good when you are on a cruise as well.





There was a documentary somewhere ( cant recall where) on this exact subject, and there were some terrible stories of travelling people and problems...

With 40% of all travellers having some kind of stomach and bowel distress it makes me wonder how all these people cope when caught in those situations. 

Unfortunately I am one of those people that have to eat only what I know my digestion is used to and can handle, so eating in strange countries ,spices, unknown dishes and the like are out for me ,I would have to carry a portaloo on my back...

Most people put on weight when travelling, I lose it unless I can find food of my choice otherwise I am sunk...so it is now far easier and more comfortable to sit on my sofa and watch the many travel shows eating my shepherds pie..and nibbling almonds,or in the real world ,cruising the pacific...but even then I have to be mindful of what I eat... :)

I envy people with cast iron stomachs...!

Agree with comment re dishes out in the open with mayonnaise.

My sis in law ate a salad with the mayonnaise added and she was as sick as a dog.

I will not eat prawns at a restaurant unless they can assure me they are Australian grown.


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