Tuckey makes headlines again

Federal Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey has linked the Government's proposed super profits tax with the disappearance of six Australian mining executives in Africa.
Mr Tuckey claimed the executives were in Africa looking for iron ore because the Australian Government wants to tax their super-profits at a rate of 40 per cent.

But Sundance has stated the executives were there visiting its ongoing iron ore project in Cameroon and Congo and conducting high level meetings with various government representatives of both countries.

I wonder if Tuckey had any thought for the families of those who died wheen he once again put his foot in his mouth.


Well, the executives weren't going to sit on their bums in Australia and let Krudd rip 40% tax from their business.

The way things are going Rudd will soon have 100% of nothing.

Lots of us are dismayed by the unfortunate death of 11 people.

Fwed not the first time Iron bar Mr Tuckey has put his foot in his mouth of course.

I listened to what he had to say this morning before the vote and no more

impressed with his views as I have ever been :)


Congratulations Julia and what a beautiful speech she made giving

people great confidence in her abilities I feel. How proud of you many of us

feel today. Onwards and upwards.


Keven Rudd you spoke from the heart and your wonderful wife looked

so nice and by your side and your wonderful children.

You worked tirelessly and achieved much and so gracious as you

stepped down and said goodbye to the Prime Ministerial Roll.

God bless you and thank you matey.....May you keep well

and keep doing us proud.


Everyone who is ready to be hung, drawn and quartered will impart bullshit to the enth degree. Rudd stuffed our lives and Country. Now he and family can enjoy the fruits of being multimillionaires.

Good riddance !!!!

You certainly know where you stand with ole Iron Bar.

Onwards and upwards

Yes Phyl its the only direction your mob can go from the depths where they are now, and you insisted to the bitter end what a wonderful job Rudd had done. Apparently the gang of 7 disagreed with you. So who was right?

I too listened to Gillard's speech and while it was the words of her spin doctor -- nothing more, I had my fill of the expression "working hard" and what wonderful achievements there were "for those who worked hard" yakkety yak blah blah.

So it seems those of us who have done our bit and retired are to be swept aside once again by the working families who are -- you guessed it >> working hard (presumably to pay off Labor debt).


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