Trip to Bali - major detour

So this morning I get unexpected news. Have to make a trip to Dubai to meet up with ex business partner in the next week or so.

Looks like the Bali holiday will have to wait. Damn!! Lost a few bob there with prepaid travel plans.

haven't been to Dubai for a while. Looking forward to it.

so me being accidentally deleted from this forum is probably an omen. I may be rejoining the ranks of the employed, at least for a bit.


To anyone in their 50s who has the chance of a job it must feel fantastic, hope this leads to even better things.

Thanks Viv.

i did voluntarily retire after doing many overseas expat stints. I enjoy retirement. You only live once and I've never lived to work, only worked to live.

this time, it'll be like a working holiday. Let's see what happens. 

I guess Jag the difference is between choosing to stop work and having the chance to make that choice. Think I will put up a new topic.


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