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Milford Sound Trek

Good morning!

Last year i had the pleasure (and pain for most parts) of trekking Milford Sound in New Zealand. It was an unforgettable experience which I wouldn't have attempted if it wasn't for my Father.

I'd love to take him on a trek this time but have little experience in what is on offer around the world trek wise (he has already done Cradle Mountain and Kokoda!). Can anyone suggest a trek that will be unforgettable while not as challenging as a trek such as Kokoda?


Hi Drew,  I am too old & much too lazy to do any of these treks.  But I still have a dream (that I will never fulfill) to do the 7 day trip down the Grand Canyon from Lee's Ferry to Whitemore Wash.  BTW I am jealous of your Milford Sound Trek, but I would prefer to get my pain in other ways.  You must be very fit!!!

Hi Innes,
While I had to hit the gym on a twice/thrice weekly basis for about three months beforehand, it will still incredibly tough! The greatest part was the age of trekkers was from 18 all the way up to 83!

The Grand Canyon trek sounds amazing. I heard you can finish that type of trek off with some white water rafting as well.

It sounds like you need to just book it in well in advance with a family member or friend! You are never too old to do anything!

The 7 day trip includes the white water rafting & I believe that the ideal times are from May through to August/September.  I think you raft 20 to 30 miles each day & camp by the river each night.  It is rather expensive.  If I remember rightly, it is around $2,600 or $2,700 per person.  If it is as beautiful down the river as it looks from the top, it must be something else.

Lonely Planet site, check 10 best and follow links to find other options from similarly minded people - cheap and more costly options.

Don't forget Africa.  Eg Kenya Great Walk following the Tsavo and Galana Rivers (Tsavo West and East National Parks).   11 days, value for money.

In between try lightweight hiking in Oz.  I am not as fit and ferocious as b4 and lightweight is the way.  Bushwalking sites and find your 'own'.

BTW, get that EPIRB and not the cheapy. Doesn't replace maps and knowing how to use them, adequate prep and local knowledge.

May your boots carry you far and safely and your boot prints be the only sign of your passing.

Thank you both for your information! I will have to dust off the boots and get walking soon :)

The Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal is wonderful . Make sure that you don't gain altitude every day and you will find that you won't get sick or headaches .


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