Travel Insurance Options for my Parents

Hi all. I'm writing on behalf of my parents because they are not internet savvy :). They are setting off on their first overseas trip, going on an organised bus tour to Europe for a month. They are 74 and 70 years old respectively. They don't have any major pre-existing medical conditions. From your experience, what has been the best insurer for your international trips? Have you ever had to make a claim, what was the process like? I know LifeChoices offer travel insurance but would like to explore the other options. Thanking you in advance.


Hi Brendan,


My wife and I have done a lot of traveling over the years including a 1 month coach tour around Europe with Trafalgar if you would like more iinfo on that then drop me a line. There is plenty your parents need to be aware of in relation to a coach tour in Europe.

As for insurance it iis a "MUST HAVE" regardless of age. We use 1Cover theye appear to be about the cheapest of all the others but unfortunately for most of us the older you get (that is over 60) the more the insurance costs.




If you have a look at the right hand column of this forum you should see 6 separate groups advertising Travel Insurance and whilst I have not checked them out they would be worth while talking to ............Especially as they come with the blessings of Drew our ( Web Master )and his team

Good luck ...........clay

We also travel frequently and like "mitchella41" have foung 1Cover to offer the best service and best price we have found. They also offer  a 5% discount when you go back to them again.






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