Travel for Rays recently widowed friend

I have been widowed for 20 years and really object to paying single supplements,so 10years ago started backpacking around South East Asia and have been doing this every year for a couple of months to escape the winters here.
I am 73 and the friend going with me this year is 77,we love it,the young backpackers treat us very well and we meet plenty of local people instead of hotel staff and other tourists,the accomodations can be either private or dormitary.
In June this year we go through K.L to HongKong for 10 days then back to K.L and travel up the east coast of Malaysia by public transport into Thailand,back to Penang and home 7 weeks later,staying in hostels or beach huts along the way.It is so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good for you both--just take care and stay safe

I have been a longtime backpacker, wouldn't travel any other way. Hostels these days are really lovely, well run, many amenities, and you get to meet some friendly and intersting people. It is one way that people on a budget can still experience world travel. It is also very safe as backpacking accomodation is usually geared to providing care and information for budget travellers.

Do you get your own room or do you have to share ?


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