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Am planning an extended railway journey from Beijing to London next year with several side stops. Probably take about a month. Am a happy solo traveller but if someone wants to accompany me, OK.

I am female 77yrs and well travelled...


Sorry Janetta if it took a quid to go around the world,    I couldn't get out of sight

I have enjoyed the ability to do a fair bit of travel Janetta, but I must express a degree of envy for your trip.  You are somewhat game to be doing that trip alone, are you not? I would love to know your itinerary.  It must take in some very "interesting" stop offs.

check out Trans Siberian Tours run by Flower Travel they are delicious

why do the travel agents always advertise prices for twin share and quad share never do they advertise a single fare,when you enquire it is nearly a extra half fare on top of twin share,don't they think  singles want to go alone,I am off  on a cruise to New Zealand christmas  2012  

Jessej on her way to New Zealand

Hi janetta,

tell me more!

where do you live ? I am in Brisbane... almost 74.. love to travel..

live in Sydney

Try using this web address as they specialise in Singles travel and have singles rooms only.

Barbsmith, I am 65 and also live in Brisbane. I have to travel alone because my husband won't travel. I am looking to go somewhere next year and would love a companion!  Please contact me at [email protected]

Hi I originally came from Europe, and have seen some of the beautiful spots, but now all I am interested in is the beauties of Australia.  Each country town has some kind of treasure, if one can find it.  I have done some travel on my own, or rther with my dog for a companion.  She makes anm excellent companion, except that I cannot take her to art galleries, shops, museums, so I cannot discuss it with her afterwards.  And she doesn't like the odd scotch or glass of wine either!! Ha!Ha!!.

Anyone there who also likes meandering around this country of ours.  I am a very active senior female, and my dog is a gentle spoodle, very travel savvy.



Interesting, what is your mode of travel, I am interested in exploring Aust or Europe,

Retired lady, 56.


Hello Janetta, Interested to read of your forthcoming trip on the Trans Siberian.

I did the same trip back in the nineties flying into Beijing and then purchasing a ticket for the Trans Siberian direct. The ticket included stopovers at Irkutz and Moscow. It took four days to get the ticket which gave sightseeing time in Beijing. I travelled at the end of March and the first half of the journey was like a scene out of Dr. Zhivago with the train travelling through snow covered landscapes. The train was spartan but lovely and warm inside though. Any way that I can help you with info please ask, it is a fantastic trip and you can travel at a fraction of the cost of the big travel companies if you do your own bookings. Food is available all the way and 'soft class' is the best option.

It is also possible to buy an onward Scandinavian Rail Pass that takes you into Helsinki and then across to Norway. Just hop on and off as you please, use YHA hostels and if you end up at Bergen you are able to cross to the UK by ferry.    SCALLYWAG 


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