Tourists kicked out of Venice

The city of Venice started its carnival season with floating circus performances on the Cannaregio Canal, but some tourists have had to be turned away from the festivities.

According to local paper 'La Nuova Venezia', police restricted entry to the Cannaregio Canal. It is part of a push by authorities to restrict the crowd size to 11,000 people, citing public safety concerns.

More tourists are expected to arrive in the city as festivities ramp up. The celebration of the Angel’s Flight in Piazza San Marco, a major festival event that takes place on Sunday, has in recent years drawn crowds of over 80,000 people.

Running from January 27 to February 13, the Carnevale di Venezia is among the oldest carnivals around the world.

Have you ever been turned away from a public event? What would you do if you had travelled to Venice for the festival only to be turned away?



I have never been turned away from a public event because I always book beforehand. As for the Venice Carnival we had to book one year ahead to get a hotel.

Those tourists who are turned away are more than likely day trippers. They clog up the streets make a lot of noise and ruin it for others. Some even fall into the canals because of drunken behaviour putting a great strain on medical and other services...


Send those tourists to OZ. They can have a great time at the footie and cricket or dance parties. Get drunk, do drugs whatever. Better than falling into a smelly sewage filled canal!

What do you mean "send those tourists to OZ"? Pedro, they probably ARE Australians!


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