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I can understand why people dont like Tony Abbott for his past deeds, among them the almost criminal persecution of Pauline Hanson and other dirty work that 'Teflon' John Howard didn't want to be associated with, but Abbott's interview on the 7.30 report moments ago had me shaking my head in disbelief.

When pressed by Kerry O'Brien (the host who got Rudd to lose his cool under probing questions) over his statement in March concerning no new taxes under a Liberal government yet a month later he was introducing a new tax on business to pay for the (crazy) 6 months maternity leave, Abbott ummed, arrred spluttered and stammered and said in the heat of debate he sometimes goes a bit too far or in words similar. In other words in the heat of battle he says things that are different from those statements carefully scripted?? Good Grief!

He couldn't have dug a deeper hole for himself if he had used two bloody shovels, because O'Brien countered with 'well how are we going to know if you are stating is carefully scripted or not"? This clearly had Abbott on the ropes and he then dropped back to his standby phrase "Well Kerry I'm doing my best".

In my opinion he isn't doing anywhere near good enough on explaining himself on live (unscripted) interviews and is shooting himself and the Libs chances in the feet. Surely his handlers can see what a disaster Abbott is when public speaking and at a time when the Rudd government is vulnerable quite frankly Abbott STINKS!

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Watched Uncle Joe Hockey, take on Lindsay Tanner in debate on ABC tonight. No ummming or ahhing there. Speaks well and I think he came out on top in the debate.

Regarding Tony, a good hatchet man, but a speaker he aint. I think Joe may be breathing down his neck. Joe is the libs Kim Beazley. An affable bloke and everyones mate

That doesnt presuppose that he is astute politically, but as a figurhead would be far more acceptable.

Perhaps both mobs could change the top at the same time? Although I think I would hate to be in the same ring with a stirred up Gillard. I don't think I would like to come home under the weather and have her waiting for me.

Probably wouldn't see her for three days. By the third day the bruises would start to heal and I might be able to see out the corner of one eye. :-) .

Tony is mad...Just heard him say words to the effect "Do not believe what I say unless

I put it in writing" OMG.

He is crazy. Who in their right mind would vote Liberal with him at the helm.

He has to go surely by the election in 3 years time as the Libs. do not have

a hope in hell the next elections unless maybe Joe steps in very fast.

I see that you agree with me that the Monk IS quite mad--he might have a good education as some one pointed out b4 but he sure IS NOT leader--and umm and ahhs drive me insane. I watched a bit of the debate on Q&A;still have to watch the rest of it--I think Hockey is nice enough bloke but still would not vote for him--in fact there is no one in the Libs at this time that I would vote for, they really have a lot do do to get their act together.

Kerry O’Brien is having a good week. He has flustered the leaders of the 2 main parties.

It shows that we have a lot needed in Australian politics.

Both parties need to lift their game me thinks.

Kerry is a very good interviewer.

Like many others, I have a deep and abiding dislike and distrust of Tony Abbot, but gee guys, you have to recognise a real "gem" when you see one. Does anyone seriously doubt that politicians lie, dissemble, exaggerate or backflip as the mood takes them?

Our Tony has merely confirmed what every thinking Australian has known for donkeys years - a breath of fresh air in my opinion.

Yep if you vote you get a Polly every time and they only lie when their lips are moving

Oh come off it you people you are doing the 'Mad Monk" an injustice.

He has come up with the novel idea that we should get all policies in writing.

I think he is right to get the leaders of all parties to put their 'promises'

in writing before an election.

That way there will be no misunderstandings or core and non core promises.

In fact no excuses whatsoever for not honoring their promises

when elected . Yep the "mad Monk" has come up with the goods this time.

I almost forgot the pollies had best sign their promises as well.

They may recon that the typist made a typo. :lol:

Did I read the name of Joe Hockey mentioned as a

future liberal leader? is this the same affable Joe

who in an interview after the liberal defeat said about

work choices that they '' had known it was hurting

people but kept pushing it.

Once the liberals get rid of all those parasites from

the howard era they may be able to build more respect.

Poor old Tony Abbot doesn't know if he is arthur or martha.

maybe both!!!

Kerry knows how to interview whether its labour or liberal.

Tony's 'but' but' but' was an eye opener from a leader.


Okay so he admitted making off-the-cuff statements that should not be taken as ``absolute gospel''. But he's the leader of the Libs and like it or not, you either vote for Kevin or Tony, all this other stuff doesn't mean a thing.

I understand that politicians and political parties are exempt from the "truth in advertising" laws. THAT should be the first issue to be addressed - everyone else is subject to these laws and others regarding "fair trading". Why do we allow them to give themselves an exemption for the express purpose of being able to lie to us?

Any suggestions on how to bring these liars and thieves to account?

they really have a lot do do to get their act together.

Another empty statement PlanB based on personal dislike and not backed up by any facts.

Politicians of ALL persuasions offer promises -- like Rudd who offered far more than could be accomplished in his first term and many of those promises were impossible to implement and failed -- surely I have no need to list the 40+ failures here?

Politicians of ALL persuasions go to extremes in wanting to be noticed, appearing to say something new and overstep the mark ie--

John Howards 'GST is dead"

Bob Hawke's no child living in poverty etc etc, and how many million trees was he going to plant?

Malcolm Fraser's statement 'life wasnt meant to be easy' came back to bite him on the bum didnt it? Not to mention losing his trousers to a whore in the US.

Its just that Abbott was stupid enough to utter in public and expose what they all do, and in doing so painted a huge bulls eye on him for the muck raking Labor party.

I believe Hockey doesnt want the leadership, however much Abbott becomes a liability.

Yes Tawin they all make rash statements--but Abbott really is a liabilty--he is a follower not a leader

Joe Hockey is your average Mr nice guy but a leader he wont make the cut!

Saw him just today at the Press Club and he is not that fluent a speaker either and didn't come over too well as no hand out of his cuts to viewers - very disappointed as still don't know what cuts he will make if elected as Treasurer.

[b]Abbott said he sometimes runs away at the mouth in a heated discussion. That is basically it. Then he said what is a scripted speech is policy.

No hard yards to understand that surely. [/b]

Still every reporter just about is reporting that he said something different by putting their stance on it rather than reporting the actual wording - meaning they interpreted it as they wanted to.

Since around 99% of the media is left wing biased - we cant really rely on what they report as it is not the news but their views.

As for Tony Abbott - I really think you are all really stretching to refer to him as a mad monk etc - that is school yard stuff and Rudd goes to church as also was brought up as a Catholic so why isn't he a mad monk too - oh yes he is Labor and you who 'hate' Abbott vote Labor.

Get real - this bloke, Abbott, is a breath of fresh air - he puts his foot in his mouth often but don't we all at times - not a practised liar either - like far too many politicians.

So you don't Labor voters don't like him - but what difference does that make to your votes - you never ever vote for anyone other than Labor anyway so why make such a song and dance about it?

Worried maybe rofl...........that this bloke will appeal to the ordinary swinging voter and chuck out your hero.

I hope for the sake of the country they do chuck out your hero - he has turned out to be a man with feet of clay who cannot manage Australia Inc and is sending it broke and will bankrupt it if given more time to rubbish everything he tries to improve. At the next shareholders meeting of Australia Inc - I shall be voting him out of the Board as CEO and even a member.

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