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The graphic above illustrates the Stratolaunch's wingspan compared to other aircraft models, including the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental and the Airbus A380-800

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Revealed: Which Airline Is The Best In The World?  

Skytrax has released their annual airline rankings, where they tell the world who the best airline in the world is as well as handing out trophies for various local categories. Singapore Airlines took out the main prize, for "World's Best Airline", picking up that prize for the fourth time. But what about our local carriers? Here's a look at some of the results.

The top ten airlines in the world were

Singapore AirlinesQatar AirwaysANA All Nippon AirwaysEmiratesEVA AirCathay PacificLufthansaHainan AirlinesGaruda IndonesiaThai Airways

Qantas just missed out on the top 10, coming in 11th place. But they did pick up a number of gongs including Best Airline in Australia/Pacific, Best Airline Staff in Australia/Pacific, Best First Class in Australia/Pacific, Best Business Class in Australia/Pacific and Best Economy Class in Australia/Pacific.

Think there is an issue with the post this I had to go through about 20 security photos to tick.  Even then they would not co ordinate. Then the main photo has not down loaded. Sorry folks.

Malaysia Airlines plane makes emergency landing at Brisbane airport after systems failure meant pilots had no idea how fast they were flying

A Malaysia Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Brisbane airport after it was found that the aircraft still had a cover on its air speed indicator.

I seem to remember an Aircrash Investigation program where something similar happened but in this case, it was because the aircraft had been left standing in the open for a number of days and insects had blocked the pitot tube inlet with mud in an attempt to build a nest. This happened because groundcrew had forgotten to put the cover on when the plane was parked and I think resulted in a fatal crash.

Yes I seem to remember something about the heat affecting the fuel in the tank too Seenitall, this was to do with a plane left on the tarmac in a hot climate I think, the plane crashed.  Cannot remember the details.  

Will do a search to try and find that item.


The world's biggest plane inches closer to takeoff: Stratolaunch, with a wingspan longer than a football field, could take to the air for the first time within weeks The Stratolaunch aircraft - which is the vision of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen - has a wingspan longer than a football field  The aircraft - which is the vision of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen - has a wingspan longer than a football field and comes equipped with two cockpits, 28 wheels and six engines normally used to power 747 jumbo jets

Fancy taking a HELICOPTER to work? Sydney in line to be world's first city with UberAir service providing chopper flights 'everybody can afford'

Commuters in Sydney could afford to take a helicopter by the year 2023, UberAir have announced at a conference in Tokyo yesterday evening.


Not me I really prefer my feet on terra ferma.

Personally,  I don't think this should be done randomly, it should apply to everyone who wishes to get into an airport these days, let alone board a plane.


Targeted passengers will be asked to show ID in the form of a driver's licence or passport Targeted passengers will be asked to show ID in the form of a driver's licence or passport

I can't see much of a problem here.

It's a simple enough requirement.

One mother's simple trick could shave hundreds of dollars off your final bill, when booking holidays (stock image) One mother's simple trick could shave hundreds of dollars off your final bill, when booking holidays (stock image)

Pictured: The first fully assembled 777X jetliner, which Boeing promises will be 'the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world'  Pictured: The first fully assembled 777X jetliner

The first fully assembled 777X jetliner has rolled off the Boeing production line at the manufacturer's Everett factory in Washington state. Pictures show a 'static' 777X in a hangar at the gigantic factory. This means that this particular 777X isn't destined for the skies but will be used for a year-long series of tests in a nearby building.

They certainly invest heavily in new aircraft production.

Boeing opened a $1 billion factory in Washington state in 2016 that will make carbon-composite wings for its newest jetliner, the 777X, a key step toward delivering the first aircraft by 2020.

I wonder if they will arrange the seats far enough apart, to enable room to stretch our legs.


Not too sure about this one though!


Elon Musk unveils new images of SpaceX's 'Big F***ing Rocket' ahead of announcement tonight of first passenger to buy a ticket to fly around the moon

SpaceX is expected to reveal the name of its first civilian passenger this evening during a media event which will be livestreamed from its headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Not sure about Mr Musk either at the moment. He seems to be stirring up controversy and just read he's being sued by the British cave diver, the suit claims Mr Musk called Mr Unsworth a child rapist and sex trafficker. There's also other litigation pending about his announcement that he was going to take the company private.

I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN:   Chaos on Qantas flight from LA to Australia after a mobile phone catches fire in business class

i have never been on a plane,   have no intention of getting on a plane,   i like my feet on the ground,   

Cats I was about 47 before I went up in a plane, I am still scared!   But have had to fly to various places. 


A maintenance worker accidentally fired a 20mm Vulcan cannon from an F-16 jet at a Belgian air force base, destroying a nearby F-16 jet and damaging others, according to reports. 

The technician at Florennes Air Baseinsouthern Belgium accidentally fired the weapon while performing maintenance work on the plane, hitting an F16 parked on tarmacin front of a hangar, Avio News reported. 

The plane hit was full of fuel at the time and caught fire, and another plane nearby was damaged. The Belgian Airforce confirmed the incident at theairbase,and said that two mechanics were being treated for hearing loss caused by the blast. 

An investigation has been opened into Thursday’s incident and the commander of the Florennes airfield told Belgium’s RTBF television that the inquiry would look at whether there was any wrongdoing. 

“You can’t help thinking of what a disaster this could have been,” said Colonel Didier Polome, who flew back from the Baltic where Belgian F-16s are policing NATO’s frontier with Russia.

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