This morning I woke up. That in itself was good. Then I decided that I would walk on the beach. That too was good. The trip to the beach was great. I walked my dog, then, because it was a leash free area, I took her off the lead. She ran, she chased the seagulls, she dabbled her feet in the water - she's never learnt to swim, mainly, I think, because I'm not really comfortable with water above my knees. I saw the dolphins, cresting the waves. A beautifull morning.


Like you Bev. I find many things everyday to be happy about. I know I have often said If we wait for big joys to happen we can be waiting a long time but there are millions of nice little things happen and most every day.

I think like the saying goes "Stop and smell the flowers" What a lovely day today was for Mother's Day.

Our kids and grandkids are all Interstate so we never get to see them. Once again I say as long as they are well and happy and doing o.k. I am happy for them.

We have our two furries :)


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