Today has been a beautiful day for me. I took my dog for a walk, saw the brush turkeys, marching their way westward, managed to walk through a bloody great big spider's web, that took absolutely ages to remove.. And guess what? I am happy! Today was another wonderful day of my life.

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It is sad that miss Jacinta finds it so distasteful, but it is the life she has chosen. From what she has posted, her father, who seems to be fully aware in his mind about taxation records, but forgets about his bowels, is in receipt of an income, which precludes him from several of the Government incentives. What a selective memory.

Hi guys - If you are not carers,and do not frequent carer forums, you would be unaware that the way I spoke was a common way of coping and venting when things get rough. We don't mean any disrespect but it does get very hard at times and you get very down, and need sympathy and understanding rather than condemnation. I suggest you have a look at a forum called Carershaven and you will see what I mean. There is no carer out there who would not understand where I was coming from, and realise that I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

Yaretzi - Dad is not a pensioner, and while we can access some assistance, there are limits to what is available. Also - for a long time, my father refused completely to allow me to use any outside services. He has only just relented and allowed me to use Blue Care nurses to help with wound care.

All carers joke about poo and wee and bodily fluids and functions. This is a daily occurrence for us and if you didn't laugh, you would cry(and we often do cry). My father is very happy and tells me often how wonderful it is that he has me to care for him. I have given up work and a normal social life to do this, so cutting me a bit of slack would be appreciated.

P.S. - Dad could go into a nursing home, but he has so far chosen not to. He needs care, and the only way out was for me to provide it. It was not something I "chose" but something that had to be done. Most care is provided by family members; there has just been a big inquiry done on this and on ways to improve the lot of carers.

Jakinta, I admire you.

I can't imagine it being anything but distasteful. I do my own bit of 'bodlily fluids' and it is very distasterful to me. It is not what I enjoy doing and can't imagine any one else would.

You did not complain about it just made a statement how things are.

Being Mothers Day you'd much rather be taken out for lunch. You stayed home and it is sacrifice.

We brought children into the world for our satisfaction they do not owe us anything.

At least this is what tell mine.

I hope my children will never have to do things like that for me but if they did I hope we both can talk and laugh about it.

I am on DETOX --no food only fluids and apples and epsom salt sat night.

So no big lunch or roast or chocolate cake..champagne...mmm

I picked wrong time to do it I know.

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