Tips for a cruise to the Antartic

 I am happy to receive some ideas about a cruise to the Antartic ?


Have never been that far south but we have been to the Artic! 

Had leather boots, hat, scarf, sunnies  [glare of the sun] gloves  [leather] and warm undies!

Some people don't like having a balcony and prefer to keep the cabin warm but go out on an upper deck.

On hubby's buckedt list...myself not fussed...too cold for me.  Friend went and said it was the best place she has ever visited and she has travelled everywhere.  Single lady, no ties and spends all her money on travel so I value her opinion.

Most fantastic place I have been to as well.

However it depends n the weather and you are at the mercy of the weather once you make your booking.

We had a rough crossing of Drake Passage as most do but lovely once we arrived in Antarctica.

The same ship and her passengers the week before had a blizzard, saw nothing and returned without going ashore or seeing anything.

Worth the risk!


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