TigerAir is selling $9 airfares!

TigerAir is celebrating its 9th birthday with domestic airfares starting at $9 – but you have to hurry because the sale ends 19 November.

With a deal like this, anyone can travel! Why not visit family or friends interstate, or head off on a long weekend? Whatever your reasons,make sure you head to www.tigerair.com.au and snag a bargain ticket!


Seems to operate only from Melbourne ??

Otherwise one needs to put in a Promotional Code which we do not have.

probably only from Melbourne because their terminal is so far to walk from main terminal they aren't getting bums on seats

I too looked it up and the dates I was interested in were all sold out.

Complete waste of time ...

The worst airline in the country trying to get some publicity with their farcical fares which were probably booked out before the offer went to print. 


Tiger Air appears to have a bad reputation in the industry.  We have never flown with Tiger but did have a bad experience with a similar airline in Europe called EasyJet last year.  Good luck.

I wouldn't waste my time even looking at their web site. Cheap, nasty and totally unreliable.

I think that they fly from Laverton which is midway from Melbourne to Geelong.

We flew Jetstar from Tullermarine Melbourne to Townsville last Christmas. Never again.

I carried a bag containing a heavy Xmas Pudding and other items plus a computer up 3 flights of stairs into the rear of the 'plane.

I thought those days were over. The aircraft staff were standing in the door looking down smiling not helping at all. I was not amused. If you ever go to Townville and hire a car insist that it is not a black one. A mobile oven.

We came back with QANTAS which looked after us very well.

My Friends told me they would never use Tiger ever again after the 1st time

I see where they are in trouble again  today  11/1/17

People are stranded in Bali as all their flights have been cancelled.

"TIGERAIR has cancelled all flights to Bali, after failing to comply with new administrative rules imposed by the Indonesian Government.

In a statement on their website, the airline said it was in compliance with all original conditions, and that it’s working with the relevant authorities to meet the new requirements as soon as possible.

Tigerair’s daily return flights from Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth have been suspended until further notice. The airline said customers booked to travel on Tigerair services to and from Bali today are advised not to go to the airport."

Nah, I will stick with full service airlines..and pay the extra.


Tiger's airfare may be $9, but....

- It will be only one way.

- It won't include meals.

- There will be a surcharge if you bring your own food.

- Pay toilets.

- Surcharge for every item of baggage, including carry-on.

- Surcharge for a window/aisle or centre seat.

- etc, etc, etc......

A Friend flew Tiger once and she said NEVER EVER again


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