This is what they think.

I had a very interesting experience yesterday with my granddaughter. We went to a meeting/debate at her university where parents and grandparents were invited, but only to observe.
Anyway the point I found interesting was when they were asked for opinions on the present state of our country,whether the present government was doing a good enough job for re=election, and how they perceived the future.
The majority response was positive. The recent world financial crisis was an unheralded event which occurred when the government was newly elected.
The present government had handled the crisis well but had made a couple of mistakes since, but on the whole they had a good chance of re=election, as it could not be proved that the Opposition could have done a better job.
Referring to the PM as Mr. Rudd it was felt that he was a caring man under great stress and he had done a good job in relating to the poorer people of our society rather than just the financially privelaged.
One interesting point raised was that overwhelmingly the young people realised what a great country we live in, warts an'all.
Please do not insult my intelligence by pointing out that I am not smart enough to think the way certain people would like me to, as I said This was an Observation of how our New Professionals
are thinking.


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