The surprising food that can control blood sugar levels

New research out of the UK has found that a type of pea known as the wrinkled 'super pea' can prevent sugar spikes after a meal.

Scientists from the Imperial College London, the John Innes Centre, Quadram Institute Bioscience and University of Glasgow combined to produce the new study.

It is believed that by incorporating wrinkled peaks into meals can help tackle the type 2 diabetes epidemic as the blood sugar spikes contribute to the onset of diabetes.

The wrinkled peak contains higher amounts of resistant starch which lasts longer in the body and ends up being fermented in the large intestine, rather than in the small intestine.


so where do you get it in australia


You just needed to click on the hyperlink (blue text "the new study") within the Meeting Place comment above and it takes you to a much more detailed article. Cheers.

LoveTo Travel---The question asked , "Where in Australia one can get it"?....Your reply is misleading.

Wrinkly peas aren’t yet available in grocery stores, though you can by the seeds to grow in a garden

Well that was a very basic and bland article with absolutely no information in it? 
As the comment above says - where do you get it in Australia?  Need to be a bit more informative than this article

It really is a weird item. I clicked on the link to the study itself that is provided in the article and on which the article is based to see if I could get more information. A photo is provided of these peas in it but it looks just like  the dried peas used in making pea and ham soup. The study also refers to the peas being like frozen peas you find in a supermarket. There is also no reference to the name of the pea whereas usually when there is an article about a different or unusual plant or vegetable then information is provided about them - at the very least the correct botanical name and any popular variation of it. This is really shoddy journalism.

So, is it a "pea"  or a "peak"?   "Peak" is used twice in the article..... editor?



AKA spell-checker...

Actually this experiment with wrinkled peas is not a new one…it started around 120 years ago with a monk (Gregor Mendel) from Moravia (known as the father of modern genetics). He experimented with both smooth peas and wrinkled ones to study human genome.

A natural mutation in smooth green peas makes them wrinkly which also seems to make them healthier.

The peas are not yet available in shops since the study is still ongoing. Anyway, the study found that eating flour made from these peas is what gives a beneficial effect.

and its not available either i bet


No need to go looking for wrinkled peas! Its resitant starch that is the key and that can be found in potatoes and pasta. Cook and let go cold and the levels of resistant starch increase. Make them into a salad and enjoy.


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