The Sun!!

We've actually seen the sun. Not only that, it had some warmth in it. Been able to count on one hand the number of sunny days this month. I took full advantage - I've washed all the linen, got it dry and folded away. Got the other winter clothes on the line right now. Nothing like having the clothes dry in the sun. So much fresher than having to put it through a drier. The future forecasts predict rain again. Meanwhile, I wish I had a laptop - I could be out in the sun, while doing this.


We had a fine day yesterday--and supposed to be the same today--started off fine and we just had a thunder storm --heavy rain--all but brief--and some small hail--the clothes on the line that had been out for a week were still not dry and I had to bring them in and put them in the drier--something I normally do NOT do--unless it is just to air them on a cold winters day. I always dry my clothes on the line.

We have had the coldest autumn and winter so far ever already beaten last years record - so welcome to Rudd's climate change which was global warming until it started to freeze up as we have every night around 1c or under in places. Shiver me timbers and energy has gone up 40% in recognition that is will go up 40% or more when the emissions trading scheme starts so that we can all pay more and more and more so they can get richer and richer and the peanuts of any concession will not cover the earlier cost or the later one fully never does!

Fielding says $4000 a family. Yikes. Pennies Wong and Sackett - I would every last one of em - would not even answer his common sense questions - well no common sense between far too many of them these days.


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