The sandwich that satisfies!

Fresh wholegrain bread spread lightly with unsalted butter. On one side spread honey, on the other side place thin slices of tasty cheese, cut one banana into slices diagonally and place on top of cheese. Put honeyed side on top and cut in half. This will keep you going for ages! :)


Add some peanut butter - put into a sandwich press and toast - Uh Huh - Yummy - and a hot meal to boot!

This is starting to sound suspiciously like the "sandwich that killed elvis" ........ but, he fried his.......and ate squillions of them.

Anyone tried block chocolate cut to size inside two buttered fresh slices of bread?

Pious look here >>> you can use wholmeal bread lol

As I don't touch the evil butter(or margarine, or any fatty spreads) in any shape or form, I would have wholegrain or multigrain bread simply with mashed banana. Can't do the peanut butter or honey or any of that stuff as there is too much salt, sugar and fat involved and I want my next yearly doctors checkup to be as good as the last.

Forget the bread Phyl - just eat the chocolate.

True AND if you are really having a "Must have chocolate day you can use melted chocolate like sauce over absoilutely everything".

I sound like I could be a very big lady but nah I dream about chocolate mostly! because like an alcoholic I am a chocoholic.... albeit every now and again I do break out but I manage one day at a time to refrain.....................Now Easter? that will be a different scenerio I am having half a chocolate Easter Egg filled with Rocky Road for $7 and going to eat the lot (yes I know I used the Aldi word again).

We eat fairly healthy but sometimes I think we are destined to live the amount of years we are born to live no matter what we do!!! BUT I do think constraint and moderation is the key (just my opinion) as there probably is no really bad food just the amount some people eat. Life is too short to worry the heck about everything we put in our mouths again just my opinion.

Phyl. After walking around 8 hours yesterday uphill and down dale slept very well last night lol.

Reckon you're right Phyl, eat anything and everything, but in moderation - we are all going to die - sometime, so why deny yourself all the pleasures in life, just so you might live those extra few months or years.


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