The perfect Holiday?

Different personalities and interests can lead to quite different ideas as to what is a perfect holiday, even between partners or close friends.

My daughter has just returned from NZ with her partner from a NZ road trip and having a friend with them made it pretty good as mixed interests led to diversity and more freedom to individually enjoy or share interests.

My sister on the other hand has gone to America without her partner as she says she can enjoy her own interests on her own  more that way, tho' I personally find sharing experiences adds to the enjoyment.

Strict schedules or freedom to deviate? Cruise or camping appeals or appals.

What do others think is the perfect holiday plan?

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Holidaying in Australia is far too expensive and much prefer to go on a cruise or overseas than holiday in Australia.

Service is shocking as well.  We could learn a lot from our neighbours up north of the NT. 

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