The need for truth in pollical advertising laws

Australia Institute research shows that nine in 10 Australians want Parliament to pass truth in political advertising laws.

Regulating the truth is not impossible. We already do it. Australian consumer law requires truth trade and commerce. South Australia has had truth in political advertising laws since the 1980s.

Australians want advertising to be truthful and transparent. They expect the media to self-regulate, and want laws that would penalise misleading and deceptive political ads with fines, forced retractions or losing public funding. 

Political advertisements that are deceptive and misleading interfere with the public's ability to make informed decisions.

We need truth in political advertising laws that are nationally consistent, constitutional and uphold freedom of speech to be passed before the next election.

Watch The Australia Institute’s video on truth in pollical advertising below:

You can sign The Australia Institute’s petition here.



Agree with the proposal  and Signed


I hope more people are signing "We  Need Truth in Political Advertizing .. :

The Australia Institute’s petition here.

That might be whistling at the moon to get politicians to enact laws to enforce truth in advertising.


When the current laws were brought in requiring truthful advertising in other areas, the Libs and Labor voted together to make sure those laws didn't apply to political ads. Our only hope is to vote for somebody else. The Greens have an explicit policy supporting this, so there is your answer.


The Greens (Marxists in disguise) know that they will never get into power so can proimise everything knowing that they won't have the responsibility of actually implementing anything.  Some years ago they were the party that prevented the implementation of a carbon tax in Australia and look at the damage that has caused us.


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