7 pm on 7 Two,  I always record it a bit longer on the commercial channels -- goes for 1 hour -- maybe a bit more. That's in NSW maybe check for other areas.


The 7NEWS: Leaders’ Debate airs LIVE Monday on 7TWO (SEVEN in Perth) and 7Plus

Sydney - LIVE at 7pm on 7TWO
Melbourne - LIVE at 7pm on 7TWO
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The broadcast will also be repeated nationally at 9:40pm on SEVEN

unimpressed...Shorten still did not know how much climate change policy was going to cost taxpayers (I wanted to know) and had no idea how much an electric car was and totally denied he chased Palmer's preferences when Palmer said catergorically that he did and called Shorten a liar. He should have told the truth Shorten!

Well we know how much the LNP’s NO CLIMATE CHANGE POLICY has cost us. The LNP deserves to lose the election on that basis alone.

I would believe Bill Shorten over the conniving Clive Palmer any day. 

so once Bill gets in the Climate is going to miraculously change is it?  considering our emissions are 1.3%.   It will be all pain for little gain!

We owe it to the world and all younger generations to do our bit towards halting climate change. Once we reach the tipping point life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist. By “pain” I assume you mean “money” or economic change? We can replace investment in coal with investment in renewables and there will be less pain (and probably no pain) than slowly baking the earth and ourselves to death. We don’t have much time left to act and it is DISGRACEFUL that this government has been twiddling its thumbs!!!

I dont know what the answers are. I really wonder about Bill Shorten's option, especially because he doesnt know the ball park cost? 

Ny19, do you think we will solve the problem by forcing Australian businesses to buy carbon credits from Europe?

As one of Labor's deplorables, a cane toad ('Eeeewww, an old person!' exclaim Labor's red-shirted Milllenials), I expected some figures from Bill Shorten on Labor's promises, only to be sadly disappointed, again.

Well Morrison came over the same old nasty/arrogant/liar that he is and if he gets in we will be saying heil


Add in 'bully' too PlanB, because the 'hail fellow well met' hat sort of slipped a bit didn't it?

I didn’t watch it (yet) but am hearing that Bill Shorten won. Not surprised!

I did - and he did.  LOL  Just my opinion of course.


Both were totally uninspiring..

Yes, I agree with you.

My wishes,

1) a focus on the longer term and mean it!

2) an end to the blame-shifting by federal politicians onto sectors of population, eg onto 'Baby Boomers' (what a useless definition covering over 18 years of births) for the lack of long term planning that has been the case for decades.

There were no statesmen in that room and precious few, are there any?, in the federal parliament. 

But honestly, why would any leader with a proven record of accomplishment and contribution to society ever be interested in becoming a federal politician, when one considers how they are treated in pre-selection and by the nasty creeps in the media? 

Why would any good citizen who has led in his/her field venture into the snake pit that is Q&A or Ch10's The Project?   Just to take two examples of the trite and obscene contributions of producers on The Box to social and political discourse.

Because it is all about the power and the lurks and perks and the great pension they get -- nothing about what they could do for the country OR the people in it.

There is none I would waste spit on!

I won't call either of them "leaders". Anyway, the big question is, do we stick with the jackass we know or the jackass we don't know?

Chloe could have done far better for herself.  What was she thinking?

Anyhoo, she will be able to keep Bill out of the country for most of the time.

Now, how to occupy the rest and definitely transport the Clayton's Treasurer the long lost (at present) C Bowen over there somewhere too so they can do the least damage here.

The LNP?  Like Labor, there are the few with the lights on and someone at home but generally speaking, they are a waste of taxpayers' money too.  A keg of whiskey, some cigars and an axe and let them occupy themselves doing what they do best.

The Greens and others?  They'd be happy enough growling around in a compost heap behind the Big House.  Somewhere suitable for their 'contributions' to the national debate.

Let the Canberra bureaucrats run everything.  There is way less chance of them stuffing things up and they did very well until politicians forced self-government (as in government-by-egocentric-politicians) onto the ACT.

If we dont know who the biggest jackass is then we havent been paying attention.

If we dont know who the biggest jackass is then we havent been paying attention.

Speaking of Chloe,  I noted that blockheaded Mathias Cormann, was having a good long perve on her -- I recorded it so was able to check that out 

Seems everyone wants to know what Bill Shorten's climate change policy will cost them, but he has been very coy about that. All will be revealed prior to the election he said, but still nothing from Bill, even though 110,000 voters have already cast their vote.

Personally, I dont think it will be anything like the cost of the NBN, but how much will it cost? Will it be another off budget cost like the NBN?

Recently Bill Shorten tried to explain it in simple terms so that we could understand. 

'If you have a friend who is obese and who eats 10 big macs per day and he stops eating them, then sure there's a cost in that, but what do you look at? The cost or the benefit? Which is more important? the cost or the benefit?'

I'm guessing not many of us have associated an overweight friend with climate change policy? However, with eyes squinted and a little creative imagination, it can be done.

What I really want to know is will my electricity bill increase by 100% like it did last time we elected a Labor Government?

Sarah Hanson-Young has stated that the Greens will bring enormous pressure on a Labor government to introduce a carbon tax. Their support obviously comes with a price.

Does anyone know the cost?  

Gosh, I was way out on the cost of the Greens climate change policy. Recent cost analysis is pointing toward .8% of GDP!!!! A 3% reduction in real wages. 167,000 fewer jobs leading to higher unemployment. Add to this, lower property values, more retirees on welfare, and its fair to say we are heading into some pretty stiff winds of change. 

I can see a recession resulting from Labor policies. :(

Steve Dickson, One Nation senator.....ha ha ha ha ha. Can our politicians get worse? What is wrong with Australia that we have such IDIOTS leading us in Parliament? Not all of them of course, there are some greats but gee there are some BAD SEEDS amongst them too. 

yep from both major parties...a lot of idiots!


Yes ard,  there was no info given on that upcoming 2nd interview but here it is as I missed most of it


The format for the second leaders' debate with David Speers facilitating was a huge improvement on the previous one.

It was refreshing to have normal people and their concerns to the fore.  What a difference compared with the obviously stage managed and fake independent citizens that one encounters elsewhere. 


Were you looking, Ita?  Because the ABC was once so damned good at that and the old Aunty is sorely missed.  -Not by the serially offended activists of the manipulative political elite of course, but hey, it shouldn't be 'Their" ABC but the Aussie Citizen's ABC anyhow!

There won’t be any ABC public broadcaster if the Libs win on May 18. They want to sell it.

Crying wolf.  You know and I know and the whole world knows that the ABC will never be sold.

What is it now, $1.6billion pa?  And it has largely escaped the frequent deep reviews, the quest for efficiencies and savings and the ruthless downsizing that every other public agency has endured for decades.

As a reality check, what about the lack of mobility and refreshment of ABC staff?  Once on the payroll, they are there forever.  Good if you can get it.

An outgoing Chairman said the ABC an SBS duplicated each other.  But nothing happened.  Could that be tolerated in private industry, or between government departments?  The government auditor would be onto it like a shot and spurred on by both sides of the federal Parliament.

The ABC is rock solid.  But it cannot rest on its laurels from decades ago.


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