The greatest tragedy to be seen under the stars


Glenn Elston’s Hamlet will engross audiences as the court of Denmark spirals from order to chaos live on stage.

The Australian Shakespeare Company Artistic Director, Glenn Elston OAM, said “Hamlet is a tale of conspiracy, deception and moral ambiguity, where everyone has something to hide, and the answer is far from simple. Hamlet is one of the most human characters Shakespeare ever wrote, making every audience member focus on the uncomfortable knowledge that tragedy evolves from human error, even if the mistake is as simple as leaving things undecided.”

Starring some of Australia’s finest actors including Andre de Vanny (Hamlet), Alison Whyte (Gertrude), Greg Stone (Claudius), Brian Lipson (Polonius), Emily Godard (Ophelia), Andrew Coshan (Laertes), Matt Connell (Horatio), Syd Brisbane (Gravedigger), Dion Mills (Ghost), Mark Wilson (Rosencrantz), Annabelle Tudor (Guildenstern) Anna Burgess (Osric), and Tony Rive (Marcellus).

William Shakespeare’s insightful and accurate portrait of human nature provides the perfect evening of entertainment for audiences from Friday 20 December 2019 to Sunday 9 February 2020.

“For over thirty years we’ve entertained generations of Australians with William Shakespeare’s timeless works in an outdoor setting, natural and uncontrollable, much like life,” said Elston.

“This is theatre with sharing at its core. The audience and actors share a journey together in the same open space. By taking away the physical structures of a theatre with the opulence and grandeur that can intimidate us, the environment bonds the players, the play, and the people, together.

“Hamlet offers audiences the chance to experience an inviting and refreshing atmosphere like no other, created by the marriage of art and nature.”

The Australian Shakespeare Company’s Shakespeare Under the Stars program offers something for everyone, having fast become an unmissable summer tradition for Melburnians and visitors alike.

Theatregoers are welcome to bring along a picnic of their own or take advantage of the on-site bar and catering which is available to pre-order online and delivered directly on the evening of the performance.

High and low chairs are also available for hire at the venue.


HAMLET - The Australian Shakespeare Company

Location : Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Gardens – Southern Cross Lawn, Birdwood Avenue,

South Yarra

Dates : Friday, 20th December to Sunday, 9th February 2020

Tickets : $25–$110 Visit , call 03 8676 7511 or via Ticketmaster

For more information and to book, please visit



Sounds wonderful but we're having a feast of Shakespeare in Perth right now. Tomorrow it's Hamlet ( the matinee) and Midsummer Night's Dream (evening performance) at the Pop Up Globe theatre. Then the rest of the evening a rollicking dinner laced with the best mead!!

Image result for pop up globe seating plan

Pop up Globe: Source: Perth Now

Image result for globe theatre in london

The real Globe theatre in London.

Source: Trip



Sounds great Sophie. Hope you all have a marvellous time :)

I'd like to see Hamlet in the Botanic Gardens. Melb but most definitely will have to make it a girls' night out. Reagan will never go if people are bringing picnic baskets. How he hates people eating while he's trying to watch something. Probably end up asking someone if they don't eat at home, lol.


It was great KIAH, we all had a fantabulos time. Haven't seen a Shakespearean play in years. Gift from Sophie for both Hanukkah and Christmas.

Image result for quotes from hamlet by hamlet

Good to see someone wasn't thrown out of art class. When the teacher asked me do you know what it means"to be or not to be" and I replied, I have already been - she said, maybe I should try woodwork, LOL

Anyway, been talked into going to the Melbourne shindig, taking my food hamper and hope to enjoy both the meal and the play.

I am sure you will enjoy every minute Reagan :)

To be or not to be.  That is the question.

I'll give it a miss as both my feet are securely anchored to the ground these days and I have little time for the fine arts.  My loss perhaps but give me nature and a wonderful garden any old day.

Each & everyone ton their own Mick

Well, I'm glad two others added to the thread - Shetso must have been in a spin thinking it was another "family" thread hahaha.


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