The experience of being an older women

I am a research student exploring the experience of being an older woman.

The topic of my research examines the affect of ‘spirituality’ and
‘sense of place’ on the experience of ageing of older women in urban and regional NSW.

I am now at the stage of starting to talk to women and hope to
speak with about 8 - 10 women (75 and older ) in Sydney. I will also be meeting with women on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. the Great Lakes region of NSW.

Two years ago I undertook a similar project on the Mid-North Coast and the women in that study enjoyed the process and continue to meet together to discuss issues of interest to them.

I plan to meet and speak with interested women and provide them with information about the study. The women who choose to participate will meet together in small focus groups as well as individually. The format of the focus groups and interviews will be conversational.

I have obtained ethics approval from my University Human Research Ethics Committee.


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