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R.I.P  -  Diana Rigg. 

Diana Rigg RIP.

I don't remember this movie!!

The Living Daylights' - Teaser 6 | James bond, Agente secreto, Conhecendo


have never watched a BOND movie,   but do remember DIANNE RIGG IN AVENGERS,         HOLA,      i have a spare copy of ZULU if you want to,   i dont think it has ever been played,    if you can find a way to get you address to me,  i will send it,   [maybe through DREW?      no p,m, now is a nuiscence,      makes it very hard to get in touch with people,  

Cats - Thank you so much - I'll look into it and will contact Drew. I can't see the problem with private messages, if somebody sent a nasty message we only have to block them Problem solved. 

The Avengers" (1960s British TV Series)

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