What are the Royals getting up to?

Showing their silly side, the royals held half bear masks up to their face for a funny snap which featured on the front of the auction catalogue

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DAN WOOTTON: Of all the nonsense we've heard from Harry and Meghan, the claim that they had nothing to do with their tame writer's latest attack on the Queen is the bit that made me laugh loudest 

DAN WOOTTON: Harry and Meghan's claim they had nothing to do with new attack on Queen made

DAN WOOTTON: After months of relentlessly attacking the Royal Family but pretending they weren't targeting the Queen, Harry and Meghan seem to be setting the attack dogs on the most respected woman in the world once again. The couple's author pal Omid Scobie will deliver the criticism on their behalf in an updated version of his hagiography Finding Freedom, co-written with the TV producer Caroline Durand, which comically paints the fame hungry man-eating D-list actress Meghan as a modern-day Mother Teresa. But hilariously today the legally trigger-happy Duke and Duchess of Sussex have unleashed their rottweiler lawyers Schillings to try and scare off journalists connecting Finding Freedom to the couple. If they're so horrified, then why don't Harry and Meghan publicly condemn the book, given they're so inclined to do that about other media coverage with which they're unhappy?



Camille in the garden!




Camilla Parker Bowles reveals mice and voles ruined her garden in Highgrove | Daily Mail Online


The duchess, whose husband the Prince of Wales is also passionate gardener also said gardening had played an essential role in people's wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis.       

The duchess, whose husband the Prince of Wales is also passionate gardener also said gardening had played an essential role in people's wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis.

On her plans for her own garden, Camilla added: 'I've got a little bit of a woodland garden that I've started and I would love to build that up more. I would love to put down swathes of bulbs, and I would also like to have a proper wildflower meadow.

'At the moment I've got a bit, but the grass has sort of taken over and we're going to have another go this year of planting more seeds, because I think, especially now, it's ever more important to have these wild flowers - if we're going to keep on attracting butterflies and bees.'

At one point, the pair were joined by Nellie, one of Don's dogs. As Nellie rolled on the floor, the duchess gave her a tummy rub.


Luxury and lust in the heat & dust: They had hundreds of servants and quantities of jewels, but India's most glamorous ruling family were consumed by bitterness on a scale that makes our own royal rifts seem positively tameIndia's most glamorous ruling family were consumed by bitterness

The royal family of Jaipur had to deal with the trauma of losing their status in 1971. John Zubrzycki has penned a new book (inset) exploring the House of Jaipur over the past 100 years. Ayesha, daughter of the Maharaja of Cooch Behar in the east, is a central character in the tome with the author recounting how the third wife of Jai Singh, treasured India's traditions while also embracing the modern.

Oh dear me, that must have been a bit of a sock for the royals!

The Crown deleted scene revealed: Emma Corrin's Princess Diana watches her poignant performance of All I Ask Of You from Phantom of the Opera in full after row with Prince Charles 

Netflix has released a previously unseen deleted scene (pictured) showing the Golden Globe-winning British actress' tear-jerking turn on stage in full on its official YouTube channel. A poignant moment in the fourth series of the hit show is when the late Princess Of Wales sings the song from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical with an orchestra on a West End stage as a wedding anniversary present for Prince Charles. In the episode Avalanche, Diana surprises Charles (Josh O'Connor) with a VHS recording of the performance, which he later tells Princess Anne 'was monstrous'. In the newly released clip, Diana kneels on the floor and watches the video on a small television alone in her bedroom. As well as the performance itself, it shows the princess having her stage make-up applied in preparation, the orchestra and the reactions of the West End crew who looked utterly in awe.