The best white wine in the world

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) has just announced the Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay 2018 from Tasmania’s Coal River Valley as their champion white wine for 2020.

In total the wine picked up five trophies: champion white wine 2020, international chardonnay trophy, Australian white trophy, Australian chardonnay trophy and Tasmanian chardonnay trophy. 

It’s the first time a Tasmanian wine has collected the champion white trophy and the first time in seven years the trophy has gone to an Australian producer. 

The wine, one of Australia’s most renowned single vineyard wines, scored 97 points beating wines from 53 countries and was only one of four wines in the whole competition to score 97 points. 

Now in its 38th year the IWC is seen to be the world’s most rigorous, impartial and influential annual wine competition, based out of the UK.

The IWC judges described the Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay as: “Bright lemon yellow with a subtle, elegant and restrained aroma of lemon sherbet and fruity mineral tones on the nose. Pristine and angular, yet delicate on the palate with well-balanced oak. Long textural finish with beautiful poise, balance and charm.” 

Winemaker Adam Wadewitz said: “Our philosophy has always been to grow the best grapes we possibly can in the best possible sites and the Tolpuddle Vineyard continues to punch above its weight year after year. It’s a very special place.”

Last year, Tolpuddle’s 2017 Chardonnay was awarded the Tasmanian chardonnay trophy, Australian chardonnay trophy, and Australian white trophy, also with 97/100 points.

The Tolpuddle Vineyard, located in the Coal River Valley just 20 minutes outside of Hobart, is recognised as one of the finest vineyards in the island state and was first established in 1988. 

The vineyard is named after the Tolpuddle Martyrs whose ‘reward’ for starting England’s first agrarian union was to be transported to Tasmania as convicts.  

Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay 2019 ($85 RRP) is currently in market and available at selected fine wine stores. 

Have you tried the Tolpuddle Chardonnay? What is your favourite wine?


$85 a bottle? Gee that's cheap! Are you shouting Ben? That will be the only way I'll get to try this wine ha ha. Not to worry....we who are not filthy rich enjoy our cheap plonk.

I am not into wine at all and think it tastes like vinegar, friends always ask me to taste the wine they have and I have never tasted one I like.

I in fact don't drink any alcohol at all

Ever used cough medicines?

No Lucca why?


Just a lfriendly warning PlanB, cos they contain alcohol.

Off to get me a bottle of Tolpuddle


Lucca, I have nothing against people enjoying a wine or such,  it is just myself that never drinks it as I don't care for it and have never been a drinker at all ever    

Mate  have you ever thought about a job with the fun police?


So PlanB, why even bother posting re an article about wine? Just a lot of time on your hands?



With the Chinese putting massive tarifs on Aussie wine from tomorrow, they'll be plenty more for us. Funnily enough they complain about all the cheap wine Oz is flooding their market with especially Cellar Door.



Tassie has some of the best pinot noir, in Australia as well. 


Spot on cirdan, I'm no pinot drinker but Milton Vineyard near Swansea makes the best Pinot in the word IMHO

Only $85 a bottle? That wine can`t be good.

“Bright lemon yellow with a subtle, elegant and restrained aroma of lemon sherbet and fruity mineral tones on the nose. Pristine and angular, yet delicate on the palate with well-balanced oak. Long textural finish with beautiful poise, balance and charm.” Who cares about that crap description?

Now I am on the way to Aldi, good wine for a fraction  of the $85.

I thought Kath and Kim were the only ones who drank Chardonnay now days.

Remember the "h" was silent when watching Kath and Kim - like in the "bunch of chunts". Oh, Aussie humor, we are going to miss it.

:) Good on them ... a very prestigious win.

They make some great dark craft ales down there as well.

Sullivan's Cove Distillery won the award for best single malt whisky, in the world, recently. Not that I'd drink the stuff myself. 

Highly recommend the Taste of Tasmania to try the best of their food and drinks, in January.


Tolpuddle? Never heard of it. I prefer  sweet white grapes, ' Cotton candy'  without the alcohol.



I don’t have a favourite wine as such, but prefer white to red or rosé. Pinot Blanc is one of the quieter wines, lovely taste and perfect for every day use with almost anything.

Here in Margaret River, WA more than 25% of Australia’s wine is produced, so even the most discerning can find something to love!

At least you know what you like, do like WA wines, probably not the current Premier. He might open his borders to China before to the rest of Australia.

Is that the wine they are dumping onto China ??

Tasted Chinese wine, Suze. Our local winos would spew it out, famous name "Great Wall" like the cars they are trying to sell here.

I think after forking out $85 I’d be one of the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

Or maybe one of the Tolparty Muddlers if you get more than one.

That too.


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