The best way to prune a lemon tree (and new advice to get rid of gall wasps)

I need help with how to prune a lemon tree. Any tips? When, how, which bits to lop off?

I've been told to trim it so the branches don't cross over. I also have gall wasps, and was told to cut back hard and burn them of wrap them in plastic and bin them. But I came across this video recently.

How do you get rid of gall wasps?

While I was checking out the gall wasp video, the next one started playing. It shows a super hard prune called a skeleton prune. Have you ever done one of these?

What are your lemon tree pruning tips? I'd love to hear them and I'm sure others might learn and add to our collective gardening tips toolbag!



I can confirm the super hard prune works a treat on lemon and mandarin trees. I did this to get rid of gall wasp after trying the shaving method. Within months the tree was covered in new growth to the point you could not see the pruned limbs. Fruiting resumed the following season.

Thanks Farside – gives me more confidence to try it myself!

I used to prune of the branches that had gall wasps on them early, so that the gall wasps could not mature.

Then a water dragon lizard came to my rescue and since his arrival I do not have a gall wasp problem or any stink bugs.

Hmmm... not sure I have enough water to keep a water dragon!


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