The best and worst colours to paint your bedroom

green bedroom

Back in my old place, my room was painted this amazing khaki/pea green and I loved it. I'd painted the architraves and skirting boards a semi-gloss black and even found black power points and light switches. It had lightly polished concrete floors. It looked great. I found it a calming space and just loved the kind of 70s vibe it had.

I now have the classic (if not a bit boring) all white walls and floorboards, which is also calming and clutter-free and, while I love it, I do miss the calming colour of my old room.

Your bedroom should be a space of tranquillity and peace if you are hoping to get a good night's sleep, says Victory Blinds home expert Stuart Clark.

Here are the colours he reckson are best and worst of ryour bedroom.

The Best 

Khaki Green
The color green represents nature, growth, and fertility, which is a great choice when decorating your bedroom. Recreate the calmness of the outdoors with a rich khaki green on your bedroom walls. 

One of the best colors for a bedroom, not only is it muted but blue has also been proven to have calming effects on the brain, perfect for the bedroom! Most shades of blue create a tranquil atmosphere however, for a more peaceful night's sleep a lighter shade of blue will have the best effect. 

A soft pastel pink can create a relaxing space in your bedroom. Blush pink has been having its moment since 2020 and this mood-lifting color not only creates a positive atmosphere but also creates a feeling of softness that every bedroom should have. 

The Worst 

Red has been found to increase brain activity and boost alertness so stay away from this color if you want a peaceful night's sleep. 

Dark Gray
Although light gray can be soothing, steel gray and dark gray can seem cold and depressing. Avoid using cool darker grays in your bedroom as this will result in creating an uninviting mood. 

Bright Purple
As bright purple has red undertones it increases energy levels and keeps you alert which is the opposite of what you want when going to sleep. If you really want a purple bedroom try a muted tone such as lavender as it has cooler undertones. 


What colour is your bedroom? What was your favourite-ever room colour? Why?


Mine is the lightest cream -- almost white with lots of natural wood doors and windows

Mine is too but I have it that way because it's dark from lack of natural light.

My bedroom is all black, influenced by Count Dracula, my hero since childhood!

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That's awesome. I bet you sleep well because it blocks out the light. Elvis had his bedroom in black too.

Mine is the palest of grey, almost looks white

The reason why I like it is that it compliments any other colour I use in the bedroom.

I love vibrant colours.  My bedroom is in Cream, almost Apricot with an Orange Sarii draped across the window. The lounge room has the main wall in Cinnamon with Turquoise accessories , this colour flows through the rest of the house. I love my house as it resembles a Moroccan hotel. Lovely plants in the courtyard, I'm almost tempted to purchase a small fountain which will sound relaxing in the evening. I am thinking to put coloured tiles around it.  I've got my son to cover the back fence (which looked terrible) with small width Bamboo, plants are placed in various pots on it.  My other old home was on Burke's Backyard and got nice reviews. I've got the Video of it  with Reg Livermore as the presenter., what a great day we had. 


I have just one colourful bedroom, the rest have neutral tones.

RnR -  That looks lovely.



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