Thank you to all wished me well.

Thank you to so many lovely people.
So many great messages which I appreciated more than you will realise.
Not one message was not noted and will be kept, as they meant so much.
Thank you again.


Great to have you back, Phyl......dont scare us like that. I hope all is well or at least improving and wish you a speedy recovery.

[b][color=purple]Glad to see you back Phyl...

Hope you are feeling heaps better...[/color][/b]

Thanks for the thanks too Phyl--take it easy now for a short time anyway

same words as all the above,we certainly missed you & your refreshing outlook ,hope you continue to feel better xx

Great to see you back. Reckon Aldi must have missed you too! LOL

Ditto to all of the above, get well, stay safe and keep smiling.


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