Tennis champion's bombshell announcement

Australian Dylan Alcott, the first man in history to complete the Golden Slam (winning all four major titles as well as an Olympic or Paralympic gold medal) has announced that he will retire after the next Australian Open.

"The time has come, I feel redundant, I feel old, washed up. It's the next generation's turn to dominate and get the recognition they deserve," Alcott told a press conference in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Alcott, who is one of Australia's most successful athletes, said he was proud to have changed perceptions regarding disabled athletes.

"I am so proud and proud of the work we have done, to be honest. Being a good tennis player is not the priority of my life. Being a good person is," he said.

"Being a good advocate, community and changing perceptions for people like me so they can live lives they deserve to live and get the opportunities I have had."

What do you think of Dylan Alcott's achievements?


Such a wonderful and highly successful athlete and a great advocate ... good on you Dylan Alcott.

What a wonderful, positive role model Dylan is. Nobody can ever beat his record, at best it can be equalled, and he will always be the first. We wish him all the best in his retirement.

Good on Dylan Alcott, he is a top athlete and at least he knows when to retire, unlike some others that go on for years. He probably feels he has tortured his body for long enough. What an achievement. 


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