What are your thoughts on travel right now? How do you keep your travel fires burning?

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Hey YLCers!

What are your thoughts about travelling in Australia right now? How far would you go? Where would you go? What's stopping you from going? Okay, so the obvious issue is COVID-19. And yes, I'm aware some states and cities are in lockdown. Maybe, then, we be a bit hypothetical, or assume you're out of lockdown, but maybe your borders are closed. Let's run with this as if 'what are your thoughts about travel assuming you can travel' ...

We know you love to travel but it's obviously been a bit of a no-can-do for many of you. Tell us how you've been coping without travel, or your without your usual opportunities to travel. Where would you go if you could? Where you you regret not going beforehand? We'd love to know.

Or, just share your thoughts, tips and suggestion around anything travel-related right now. There's a lot we can learn from each other.

My tip: consider all the experiences you could have within half an hour from your home, then expand to an hour. i bet there are a tonne of things you could that you've never considered, or have considered but put it off.

I'd love this thread to take off so we can all share ideas and keep our travel fires burning – even if we keep getting wet blankets thrown on top of them!


I have been unable to travel since about 2013 due to health but if I was able -- I would not go at this time because of the covid and not knowing if you would be locked down.

Lucky I don't mind being alone as there is always something to do --reading/art/computer -- and if you are able many things to do in and around the home,  or going for a nice bush walk away from everyone.

I have never been bored in my life

"What are your thoughts about travelling in Australia right now? How far would you go? Where would you go? What's stopping you from going?"

We had a holiday booked for Coffs Harbour, beginning last weekend but cut our losses and cancelled when this latest outbreak happened.  It was more the worry of the borders shutting again than the fear of catching the virus, but either way, I don't regret it. 

If we choose to take another holiday this year I think we will stick to our own State, just in case.  We did take a short break to the North Coast last year, in the middle of all this, but it was a bit of a letdown.  Clubs and restaurants were in the middle of restrictions, almost empty and instead of lifting our spirits, it all felt a little depressing in some strange way.

Yes Leonie better safe than sorry and would be awful to be trapped and have to spend time in some filthy motel

I recently took some leave and decided to keep it very local. Was able to find a good spot about an hour away from my home. We were lucky there were no travel restrictions imposed, and had a great week in the hills. I can't wait to go abroad, but am so grateful I have so many experiences waiting for me so close by!

Well, I count myself lucky to have enjoyed two glorious weeks in NZ before they banned all travel from Australia a couple of days ago.

My tips are, be ready, get fully vaccinated and when there is a bubble with a travel destination, hop on a flight and enjoy. Life is for living, so do it while you can!

yep, v. lucky Sophie! And good tip!

I have had three local trips away so far this year - with many more cancelled.

I have done tours along the Murray River, to Central Queensland and to the Gulf of Carpentaria.

My next trip is due to depart on 10 July - Darwin to Broome overland - I cannot see this happening.

August should see me back in Victoria, then September is still unknown with a cruise due to depart late in the month from Broome to Fremantle, exploring the coastal islands - or a Tassie tour if the cruise is cancelled.

Same sort of thin for November - a cruise to the Whitsundays - or a tour via the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide.

We are encouraged to holiday at home, but it really is very, very hard to do!

I just keep trying.

:) Good on you Sandiefran ... hang in there.


Sandiefran - Do you do these trips alone or take a good friend along with you?  I have seen a lot of all states but when this virus is under control I want to travel a little bit more. With this OPAL card we can travel anywhere in NSW for next to nothing.


With whom are you doing the cruise Sandiefran?

I don't need to get onto a flight from where I live - not too keen on very small planes.  I'd rather get the train or drive.

Going to Apollo Bay & Bendigo (Vic, which is just over the border) next month for my birthday.  Never really had a good trip for my birthday in Aus, because it's always soooo cold.  I've never been a 'snow bunny'.

I did enjoy my 57th birthday when we went to the UK/Ireland in 2013.  It was sooo hot in London that we nearly expired, but being country-living Aussies, we survived :)

Nearly fully vaccinated.

Every state has it's 'gems' but I must say I'm very keen to see more of Victoria over the coming years. Makes you appreciate what you have close to home.

Living where I live I can't get excited to go anywhere else in Australia.  I enjoy cultural differences when travelling and within Australia there just isn't much in that regard.  So for now it's a wait and see game, time will tell if we'll be able to go overseas again.  

How would you feel if you were told you couldn't go overseas again? Hypothetically, of course (or maybe literally, who knows?) ...

I think you guys are all missing the point.  Have a look in your own backyard.  I live in the Newcastle/Port Stephens area and when you look behind the scenes there is so much to see and do here - take a look at the council websites, NP&WS website and the like and you'll find a multitude of things to do and see.  I have enough to keep me going for a couple of years yet!!

Yes Jen a magnificent area

Leone said:

How would you feel if you were told you couldn't go overseas again? Hypothetically, of course (or maybe literally, who knows?) ... 


It would not worry me ONE bit, I would rather travel around and over Aussie any time and have done so and IMO it is the very best place.

I am just appalled that so many have travelled everywhere but their own country -- we have so much here and also so many places that you can be alone and not darn crowds around you

Well it is a bit crowded now, with the lockdowns and I will be SO glad when others CAN go O/S again and give Aussie a break




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