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[quote]THE Labor MP who lied to a corruption inquiry will almost certainly keep her $1.9 million pension, it emerged yesterday.

As the Penrith MP Karyn Paluzzano resigned from Parliament, it was revealed that unless she was to serve a jail sentence of at least five years, there are no laws to deprive her of her lucrative retirement benefits.

At this stage Mrs Paluzzano has not been charged with any wrongdoing, despite admitting she lied about rorting her parliamentary allowances and benefits.

Even if a prosecution was to go ahead it is unlikely that any sentence would exceed the five-year trigger point, a heavy penalty usually given to serious offenders such as armed robbers or drug dealers.

The mother-of-three quit parliament yesterday one day after racking up seven years in the House,
making her eligible for the pension.


I don't want to appear too cynical, but, every interested person

in the Penrith electorate has been aware of these rumors for

a very long time. How come this matter has taken so long to

come to a head & in actual fact, just at the right time, for her to

pass the 7 year limit without being sacked by the Premier?

One major thing that you must commend about the Labor Party,

is their loyalty to their members !!!

just at the right time, for her to

pass the 7 year limit

Exactly!!!! Which is why I stopped the quote at that point. It is so glaringly obvious, I almost blush for them. Unbelievable.

Tch! Tch! So young, yet so cynical!!!

Tch! Tch! So young, yet so cynical!!!

How did you know I'm a young lass??? Ha HA

Welcome to the forum, Henel.


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