Task force will investigate canteen claims: Gillard

Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard says all complaints about problems with schools stimulus projects can be referred to the task force she has set up.

There are reports today about schools having canteens or tuckshops built that are too small to be effective.

Ms Gillard says the task force, which is examining whether school building projects represent value for money, can look at any issues that arise.

"I've seen those reports today and I'm obviously concerned about them," she said.

"I'm concerned to make sure every dollar we spend on schools gets maximum value.

"I want to make sure every kid gets a great education and every school is a great school."


*$16Billion for the Builders retirement fund..aka BER.

$!4million to set up taskforce.


Have corrected the Builders retire fund fig, which is billions..not millions...for accuracy, but doesn't negate the huge amounts being squandered on 'enquiries'.

$16million for the Builders retirement fund..aka BER.

$!4million to set up taskforce.

And Koko they intend going into the election asking who will be the best economic manager??

Still I guess those blinded by Rudd's aura wont be able to see anything wrong.

Hey guys and gals - none so blind as those who dont want to see.

and Labor is blind to its many mistakes - as are its main supporters - must be or would have died off years ago as they have a history of not being able to manage money and always run up debt. they also have a history of recessions whilst in office usually because they cant manage the economy and so if the world is going down into recession they don't see the signs - too busy trying to make the utopia that the Communists made in Soviet Russia -by social engineering and political correctness dogma.

Blindness is running 100% currently and hopefully by the election the blindness of those who swing their votes will be off the bad idea of the media that Howard was not good enough to run the country with his overseeing a rise in our prosperity, 24% rise in wages and in pensions etc when of course he wasn't that good at being the treasurer in the 70's and it was actually Peter Costello who was the efficient one and ran the economy under Howard's leadership. But the media ran a campaign to get Rudd their leader elected and demonised Howard who was not perfect by any means - who is? But he did hang on too long imo.

Costello is the one who is the best treasurer Australia ever had and one to watch and Rudd thought so too appointed him to the Future Board to see his own creation being plundered for the boo boos of Rudd, Swann and Gillards' mismanagement of the stimulus - only one that worked was the first package to make sure that Christmas 2008 wasn't a damp squib and frighten everyone off so that retail sales plummeted and it worked.

Rest of the crap that followed - well sounded good but lets face it in a country with a shortage of housing because of rampant immigration - over 2 million in 2 years of Rudd - we needed our builders building homes for those coming in and already here didn't we? Yes! Not making superannuation fund for themselves by rorting the schools project and the other green projects!

Read this and weep

PUBLIC primary school principals estimate managing contractors are pocketing as much as $5 billion of the federal government’s $16.2 billion school building program.

The first detailed costings for individual schools seen by NSW primary school principals reveal that management-related fees made up 35 per cent of the $1.2 million cost of refurbishing five classrooms at a south-west Sydney primary school.

[url=http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/more_wasted_billions_from_rudd]more wasted billions from Rudd[/url]

The latest on the Builders' Retirement Fund, set up by The labor Govt.

A CATHOLIC school has built a commercial-quality tuckshop and toilet block 10 times bigger than the cubby-house canteens public schools have received for the same price.

The Catholic canteen, costing $2500 per square metre, includes a commercial kitchen with stainless-steel benchtops, shelving and a separate coolroom.

The public school version, costing $25,000 a square metre, is not even big enough to fit a full-sized fridge, pie oven or meat slicer.

[i]Country builder Scott Gunning reckons taxpayers are being "ripped off" as public schools pay 10 times the industry rate for construction work.[/i][b][/b]


And Koko they intend going into the election asking who will be the best economic manager??

Still I guess those blinded by Rudd’s aura wont be able to see anything wrong.

Equally, or more astonishing is that the majority of the media blithely roll along rubbishing Abbott and/or Hockey on the most minute perceived gaffes...plus tout Gillard as a replacement for Rudd, just as though none of this is happening.

Still showing us on the six o'clock news, shots of Gillard with the required hard hat, chatting to littlies, who have no idea they will be paying for the pie warmer the instant they graduate.


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