Taking those sticky labels off jars.

I wanted to take a label intact from a jar to put on another jar but how?

I went to Simple Savings :) and found out to use a hot hairdryer and walla off came the label easily and all in one piece with no sticky residue.

Nice Jam jars  with a good  lid  can be used again because the label can be removed without the residue and work to try and get the last bits of tacky off.

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Seggie. Hello to you all.  Mine is from Aldi's, Phyl. 'Lumina' and it works very well. No good at getting into the corners but I forget the thick pile of dust that I can write my name in! That can only be done when the energy levels are up and I use the other vac. Till then, I'll think of growing potatoes?

You are a commedienne Seggie. If we can make one person smile today and feel good about themselves we done good hey.

I  will feel better about myself when I grow my hair back :(  In hospital with a beanie ho hum. Too sick to have bothered with a wig. Not eating too much but took Viv's advice and bought Sustogen so might get a couple of kilos back on.


Lol, seggie!, Mines a Volta and I have no problem sweeping under beds etc as it will lay flat and removable hand vaccuum is good for hard to reach places and for picking up cat/dog hair etc,good for a quick  tidy up too.

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