Sweet potato advise

Sweet potatoes are tricky to grow and I need a lot of help.

I was told to cut a sweet potato and sit it in water to grow slips that are ready to plant.

After two months I have two growths at the top of the potato and white spots on the bottom but nothing yet resembling a slip like seen on YouTube.

I bought four stem cuttings on eBay and stood them in water - two have produced leaves so I planted them - one now has two leaves and the other one has a leaf that seems to be struggling.

I had planted a whole sweet potato in the garden but nothing has appeared after two months. 

Growing sweet potatoes is far from simple for me and I would love some advice.



Are you going to eat the fish with the sweet potatoes mate?

When I was a youngster I spent some time on a kibbutz in Israel, they taught us how to grow sweet potatoes and avocados, neither of which I am mad about. Anyway, let Jag help you


I am growing two types of sweet potatoes. Their leaves are edible too. I am growing the Japanese variety and it has such pretty leaves.


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