Supermarket trials system that will banish the checkout

Last week it was paint and paint brushes, next week who knows what specials Aldi will offer. But it has a strong following and manages to keep its name in the news. Now, there's a report that an Aldi store in London is trialling technology that will allow customers to skip the tedium of piling the shopping on the conveyor then piling it back in the trolley or shopping bags.

How? A smartphone app that will replace the checkout.

Here's how Aldi says the system will work:

  • Scan a smartphone app to enter the store.
  • Collect groceries.
  • Leave the store and wait for the email receipt.
  • Customers will be charged automatically using their chosen payment method.


The trial currently involves only Aldi employees, but management says it plans to involve members of the public.

Aldi has trialled self-serve checkouts in some stores across NSW since June, but the smartphone technology is so far restricted to UK trials. The New Daily says it contacted Aldi for comment, but hasn't received a response.

Do you understand how this technology would work? Would you trust it?

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dont like the sound of it , to easy to rip customers off 


Doesn't appeal to me and even more jobs will disappear. 


Talk of ripping customers off as tisme and Tom Tank says.

It also puts a lot of hard working Australians out of work, still need the shelf packers until the robots come.

We looked at this 20 years ago where I worked in research, the supermarkets would not start then because of the cost of RFID tags added about a couple of cents to the price, now printing QR codes would be a bit cheaper, you have to be able to scan each QR code or have a RFID tag with a scanner on the trolley, effectively the customer works for the supermarket.

This is why I refuse to use the self service check outs, I am retired and I don't want to work for free, Give us a 10% to 15% discount at the self service and we will use it. The fact that the supermarkets that introduced the self service has sacked at least 8 casuals from each shop, these are kids doing part time work for a wage and people who needed work to feed their families. Check next time you are shopping, you don't see many juniors any more.

You don't need this at Aldi because the staff, service and prices are ok.


I hope it doesn't I want to have the opportunity to give people employment and I think that the CEOs of these firms need to think about that instead of all profits all the time.  As a customer I want service to put it bluntly.

It will come whether we like it or not.  It won't be tomorrow, but it is coming.  Amazon are already doing it in the US with their stores.  The technology is moving at warp speed so any bugs are quickly ironed out.

Everyone screamed blue murder when we changed over to barcodes years ago.  They were the best thing since sliced bread.  Speeded up the checkout lines considerably.  Now we don't think twice about it.

Unfortunately I sense that Aldi does need it.  Their USP is low prices and value for money.  The cost of goods is rising inexorably, and more so in the pandemic.  They can only continue to offer low prices by taking costs out of the business. 

Once this technology improves it is going to remove one major cost from every retailer, and that's thieving (what many euphemistically call shop lifting, it's theft pure and simple).  It costs us, the consumer hundreds of millions of dollars in extra grocery costs.  Getting the tech to the point where no-one can leave the shop without having been charged for every item will be a blessing for all of us.


I refuse to use the self-checkouts also. A woollies store near me only has 2 or 3 serviced check-outs working which means a line of shoppers waiting to be served while their self-serve check-outs are idle. This means fewer employees and more people out of work. The bottom line is all the CEOs think about, not customer service.

No do not trust it one bit, too hard to keep a track of payments, if a mistake is made then it will take ages before you can sort it out and get a refund. And what about the checkout jobs? Shame on Aldi!!

I still use regular checkouts to hopefully save jobs.

I love the self service checkouts because I like the way I pack better than anyone else

So this means we have to supply our own scanning equipment (compatible mobile phones) and do our own scanning as we shop to enable Aldi to do its business? I find the self service scanning in Woollies and Coles frustrating enough and I cant imagine too many people falling for this. 

The only way now of contacting most organisations is to to talk to or listen to a machine. They employ few humans and supermarkets are going the same way. Every business expects people to have money to spend with them but none of them want to employ anyone (locally) to be able to earn wages to spend.

I'm increasing taking the approach "if you wont talk to me I wont spend with you." I recently changed from Origin to Red energy power suppliers because the former now provides no human phone contact but the latter does. Its cheaper too. If more people take this approach maybe we can maintain some human service! 

Spot on Mondo, avoid the self service and avoid the companies which expect you to talk to a machine. Red energy is the way to go, great personal service and good prices.

Couldn't agree more re Red Energy - phone service is excellent. 
Also I NEVER use self service checkouts as they cause people to lose their jobs.


Ive already been ripped off using online ordering and delivery. Ive never been reimbursed, and I don't plan on trusting this system either.

unlucky. Been using online ordering and delivery across two households since it became available and always received a prompt refund when mistakes occurred, with benefit of keeping any items mistakenly delivered to us.

Screw them, same reason - distrust. Besides I don't have a mobile that is smarter than me LOL. Pointless me having one as I can not hear who is talking to me. I can hear a voice but its not audible.

People rely on too much digital products. One that is even more scary and this I saw a week ago. At the Denture clinic and I can read lips okay - staff said to a man about 55 - 60, "No I need your Bupa or Medicare". The guy said something who has his back to me. He lifts up some foldable object that opens like a book, and says something and the staff says "yes that one". Next thing is the guy stretches his arm forward into the zone of the staff member who I thought he was going to hit and says loudly "this way I don't need to remember my pin". You are joking - auschwitz numbered. This idiot has a microchip embeded in his forearm.

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