Supermarket trials system that will banish the checkout

Last week it was paint and paint brushes, next week who knows what specials Aldi will offer. But it has a strong following and manages to keep its name in the news. Now, there's a report that an Aldi store in London is trialling technology that will allow customers to skip the tedium of piling the shopping on the conveyor then piling it back in the trolley or shopping bags.

How? A smartphone app that will replace the checkout.

Here's how Aldi says the system will work:

  • Scan a smartphone app to enter the store.
  • Collect groceries.
  • Leave the store and wait for the email receipt.
  • Customers will be charged automatically using their chosen payment method.


The trial currently involves only Aldi employees, but management says it plans to involve members of the public.

Aldi has trialled self-serve checkouts in some stores across NSW since June, but the smartphone technology is so far restricted to UK trials. The New Daily says it contacted Aldi for comment, but hasn't received a response.

Do you understand how this technology would work? Would you trust it?

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Screw them, same reason - distrust. Besides I don't have a mobile that is smarter than me LOL. Pointless me having one as I can not hear who is talking to me. I can hear a voice but its not audible.

People rely on too much digital products. One that is even more scary and this I saw a week ago. At the Denture clinic and I can read lips okay - staff said to a man about 55 - 60, "No I need your Bupa or Medicare". The guy said something who has his back to me. He lifts up some foldable object that opens like a book, and says something and the staff says "yes that one". Next thing is the guy stretches his arm forward into the zone of the staff member who I thought he was going to hit and says loudly "this way I don't need to remember my pin". You are joking - auschwitz numbered. This idiot has a microchip embeded in his forearm.

you don't have a mobile that's smarter than you?

Then you must have this one LOL

Looking back on 40 years of the cell phone

No dopey, read the damn post or do you have tunnel vision? "Pointless me having one as I can not hear ..." in other I don't OWN one! Geez another day and another day surrounded by those who do not read or are capable of comprehension.

can't hear?  that's ok , get a vibrating phone, put it under your hat and each time it vibrates, it will knock some sense into you

Phone Heart Sticker - Phone Heart Heartbreak Stickers

Already happening in Woolworths. 

I haven't seen it at my local Woolies yet, but I believe it is out there, in more than 30 stores around Australia.  I already use self-serve checkouts, so would be happy enough to use this technology.  

It's a shame that it means another job is about to disappear but refusing to use them isn't going to change that, I don't think.  It might delay it for a bit but it is probably inevitable.  Unfortunately, that is just the way the cookie crumbles. 

I can remember when each product had to be individually marked by an employee (remember price tickets), then rung up at a cash register, where another person would pack the groceries for you.   And then on the way home, you would pop into the garage and an attendant would fill up your car for you.  Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end, tra la, tra la. .......



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