Supermarket Special

Bought a QS polyester quilt at the supermarket last week. Reduced from $24.99 to $14.99. Got the catalogue yesterday and they're on special this week @ $19.99. Glad I bought mine before they went on special.


Darn good buy Bev

Dosn't it make your day, to get a really good special?

It's the little things make life SO fantastic and today who knows what might happen to make us very happy.


Only put it on the bed last night. For something that feels so light and flimsy, it gave back remarkable warmth. I was really amazed. I've always had the feather and down quilts before - shake them up, shake them down, shake them from side to side. By morning, the feathers were all at the bottom, and you had the cover lightly touching your shoulders. This one is there! It keeps me warm, it doesn't slide away from me. One of my better buys.

And your dog loves it and you got a bargain so it did not cost the earth. What more could you ask Bev.

Tried to keep her away from it until I got a cover - short haired dogs shed so much hair! I vacuum her on a weekly basis, but when I empty the vacuum cleaner, the major bit is the dog hair.

Oh well what's a bit of dog hair between mates. I am sure she would share with you :)

I saw the most beautiful white (yes white) but appliqued doona cover at the Market on Sunday

Queen size and I really wanted it but I could not justify my buying it regardless of it just $10

and the most beautiful thing. I put it back on the stall and watched another woman snap it up and I wandered around the market grizzling to Peter the rest of our visit lol saying over and over and over like a cracked record "I should have bought it" I am sure Peter wished I had! to shut me up lol.

Phyl do you have a double or a Queen bed--I used to have a double --now have a Queen--but I find that you really need the next size up if you are buying a Doona--ie Queen--you need a King size--Double you need a Queen Size--so that there is plenty of over hang if there are two of you in the bed.


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