Supermarket opens up delivery and pick-up windows

Woolworths will open up tens of thousands of extra weekly home delivery windows for its online customers from this week.

The extra capacity will be fulfilled out of hundreds of Woolworths supermarkets across Australia and a new ‘pop-up’ delivery hub in Notting Hill, Melbourne opening at the end of the week.

In supermarkets, Woolworths team members will hand pick online orders for customers before passing onto Sherpa and Drive Yello couriers to fulfil the delivery. These orders are capped at 40 items and will be delivered next day. 

Sherpa and Drive Yello have signed up more than 5000 new delivery drivers onto their on-demand platforms to help meet the soaring demand for online groceries.

Together with recent increases out of the existing home delivery network, Woolworths has now doubled its online capacity over the past month.

WooliesX managing director Amanda Bardwell said: “We’re seeing a big increase in demand for home delivery as more and more customers seek to limit their outings in the community.

“While our first priority remains the most vulnerable in the community, we can now serve many more of our regular online customers, including delivery unlimited subscribers, as well.

“We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to find innovative ways to provide much-needed additional delivery capacity across Australia.

"In partnership with Sherpa and Drive Yello, we now have a highly flexible and scalable way to meet the needs of many more of our online customers in the weeks and months ahead.”

Woolworths continues to offer Community Pick Up from more than 850 supermarkets across Australia. This allows customers to place a pick up order online for themselves or on behalf of another member of the community.

In March, Woolworths introduced an $80 Basics Box of meals, snacks and essential items to simplify online ordering for customers in need. These boxes - which can be ordered by customers directly or on behalf of someone in need - are packed by DHL and delivered by Australia Post within two to five business days.


Has anyone yet twigged ( besides us single oldies) that the minimum spend for an online grocery delivery is way beyond the value of our orders on the first place? Which makes an excellent, if expensive method of self isolating, fairly useless for pensioners.

Minimum spend is $50 plus $15 delivery.

At the risk of repeating a lot of people, Woolies $80 Basic Box is useless to anyone with special dietry needs. Fine for anyone with the digestion of a goat ( ah.h.h those were the days . . .)

Delivered by Australia Post and the expense of the basic box ... no thank you

... it takes Aus Post over 3 weeks to deliver a small package from Melbourne to Central Coast

I did tell them at the time they should take some lessons from Woolies deliveries


Woolworths trials one-way aisle traffic in coronavirus measure


Woolworths is trialling a new method to keep customers at a safe distance from each other while shopping in its latest move to prevent coronavirus transmission in stores.

As part of the trial, shoppers have been encouraged to travel in just one direction down each aisle, following arrowed floor markings in a style similar to traffic directions in IKEA stores.

The trial started being rolled out in 10 stores in NSW and Victoria late last week, with a nationwide expansion dependent on it proving effective in boosting adherence to social distancing rules.

“Guides in the aisle will encourage customers to shop in the same direction without needing to pass each other,” a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.


My local IGA has been doing this for a couple of weeks now, it is hard to remember when you are concentrating on your shopping.

This will keep the customer longer in the store

.... sometimes having to make 2 or 3 laps to find an item.

...suppose it can be considred as exercise ???

Just back from my local Woolies ... not there yet.


Just came back from Woollies yesterday, not many shoppers there. I was surprised to see half the toilet roll shelves were well stocked. Nobody rushing to get any. I thought I'd get the 8 pack  of Quilton for $11.00 ???, looked further down the aisle and found another 8 pack brand Vevelle 4 ply for $6.00. I won't need to buy any more for a few weeks now.



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